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We offer trusted German quality together with the largest portfolio of used large-venue projectors in the world.

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Come and enjoy a variety of large projectors, displays and lenses in our warehouse and showroom. rebeam the specialist for used large-venue projectors, LED Walls and Displays based in Germany.

We offer trusted German quality together with the largest portfolio of used large-venue projectors in the world. Our projectors are perfect for Trade Shows, Fairs, Boardroom, Theater, Museum and House of worship. We also offer expert advice for extravagant projections like 3D mapping, water projections, Dome projection and 3D installations and illuminations

Welcome to the webshop of ReBeam GmbH. Nice that you found your way through the digital codes to us.

The company, established in Berlin for over 10 years, offers you a wide range of refurbished and used projectors, dci projectors, lenses, displays, LED walls, mirror heads, screens, players and servers as well as other accessories and spare parts. Beyond that we have an international dealer network, which enables us to procure also exotic video equipment and other used meeting technology to good conditions.

What does ReBeam actually do?

The core business of the company consists in the purchase of defective and used event equipment, their refurbishment and repair in the in-house workshop and resale in an international environment. Of course the workshop is also used by our customers, who have their equipment cleaned, maintained and repaired by us. A further business field is dry hire of projectors, lenses and other video equipment for re-rental companies.

How did ReBeam come about?

The passion for unusual visual installations and the belief in a more sustainable world united the two founders, Jonas Huber and Jan Schulte from the beginning. With the foundation of a GbR in 2009, the foundation stone was laid for today's GmbH. The first products, at that time still small projectors, were personally picked up in England with a small van, brought to Berlin and made fit again for sale. Soon the first employees joined the company and the premises in Karlshorst became too small. After the move to Kreuzberg, where the company is still based today, the main focus was on professionalizing the work processes in order to offer customers an ever larger selection of projectors at consistently high quality and consistently good prices. Accordingly, the quality control was expanded, the workshop was staffed with additional technicians and the sales department was strengthened. Early on, the company focused on international markets in order to provide used event technology in other countries as well. With the emergence of low-priced projectors from China and increasing customer interest in large venue projectors, ReBeam GmbH specialized in projectors from 5,000 ANSI lumens with interchangeable lenses from 2016. In addition, the areas of displays, LED walls and other accessories were expanded in order to meet customer requirements. The last step towards the current product range was taken in 2019 with the inclusion of DCI cinema projectors and mirror heads in the product catalogue.

What can Rebeam offer you?

ReBeam not only supplies you with used and refurbished projectors and beamers of the well-known brands but is also an authorized new and demo dealer for Panasonic, Epson, Barco, Vivitek, Optoma and NEC. We can therefore offer you a wide range of options to suit both your technical requirements and your financial resources. At the same time we are distributor for the mirror heads of the Dynamic Projection Institute, support the company Sager Metallbearbeitung in the distribution of their stacking frames and offer you professional screens of AV Stumpfl and Airscreen. Due to our many years of experience and our international dealer network, we are also able to procure all projectors from other manufacturers. For example from Christie, Digital Projection, Sanyo and Eiki.

Which projectors does ReBeam offer?

Projectors, in Germany also commonly referred to as beamers, from 5,000 lumens to over 50,000 lumens can be found in our product catalogue. These are mainly 3LCD, 1-Chip-DLP and 3-Chip-DLP projectors, which offer various advantages and disadvantages depending on the application, as you can read in our projector Dictionary. Our projectors are refurbished or new, with xenon lamp, classic mercury lamps (also called UHP lamps) and with laser light source. We offer you at least 6 months ReBeam warranty, which can be extended up to 36 months.

Does ReBeam also offer the right lenses for the projector?

A projector without a lens is like a film without sound, it just doesn't work. That's why we also have the right lenses for the offered projectors. Do you need an ultra-short distance or short distance lens, a standard or a telephoto lens? Can it be "Off-Axis" or "On-Axis"? How do you calculate the projection ratio (also called ratio) precisely to determine which lens is needed and what is the dependency of the ratio on the resolution of the projector? These questions are asked daily by our sales team and they are looking forward to giving you the right answer.

What if the light output is not sufficient?

If projectors are not sufficient before their light output or for other reasons, there is the possibility to purchase LED walls from ReBeam in addition to the stacking method (overlaying several projections to multiply the light output). These are also overhauled and come with a 3 month ReBeam warranty. We offer LED walls from Lighthouse and ROE among others, but can also procure other brands such as Barco or Unilumin.

Could it also be a display?

To avoid shadows from projections, you can either use a rear projection or a display (provided the desired image size does not exceed 3.86 meters / 152 inches). These can also be purchased from ReBeam, from 42 inches to 152 inches, from Panasonic, NEC, Samsung or any other manufacturer of your choice. Please contact us directly if we don't have the right offer for you in our webshop.  

Moving projections - the Mirror Heads from Dynamic Projection Institute

If you want to keep the projection image movable, but still have the projector permanently installed, there is no way around mirror heads. Simply put, it is a movable mirror that is mounted in front of the lens of the projector and can then be controlled to move the projection image around the room. The company ReBeam offers you as a distribution partner of the Dynamic Projection Institute the possibility to let your creativity run free with these mirrors. Turn your room into a projection surface! Visit our showroom in Berlin where you can see the Mirror Head live in action. 

Screens - Where the picture can be seen

An important influence, which unfortunately is often underestimated, on a professional representation of a projection has the used screen. Here not only the contrast value is decisive, but also the so-called gain value. You can find more information about which values make sense for your planned projection HERE. The selection of screens and projection surfaces is very varied and can quickly overstrain, so we are happy to advise you beyond our portfolio. Currently we offer you Airscreen's portable and inflatable screens, which are very popular especially in outdoor cinemas, as well as AV-Stumpfl's screens, which are highly appreciated by video technicians because of their quality, durability and easy installation.

How does the signal get to the projector?

To bring the content, i.e. the film or the presentation, onto the screen, not only the projector is needed, but also a device that passes the image material on to the projector and distributes it to several projectors if necessary. It can also be important to be able to adjust the shape and orientation of the images in order to achieve the best possible room adjustment. Since a normal home computer or laptop is no longer sufficient for these adjustments, the video technician uses controllers, media servers and other imaging devices. The ReBeam company's inventory reflects exactly those requirements that are frequently needed: We have a wide range of solutions for you, from small and simple to complex and flexible. For example, we sell the playback systems of the media server company MX Wendler and AV Stumpfls Pixera; offer you the small complete system from Light Instruments, which is media player and mapping helper in one, as well as other accessories. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are missing something for the realization of your projection.


What else you need

Of course, we also have the right accessories for you in the shop. If you want to upgrade your projector and e.g. make it network-capable or equip it with new signal input possibilities, then you can fall back on so-called input modules. Furthermore, you will find cables of various colors to bring signals from A to B; stacking flight frames and roll cases to protect your projectors; or wall or ceiling mounting systems and floor stands to bring the projector or display to the right position in our web shop. Browse a little or ask and directly on the phone for a suitable solution for you. 

Your reliable devices in new splendour: the ReBeam workshop

Meanwhile more than 15,000 projectors have seen our workshop in the last 10 years. So our technicians have had a lot of time to get to know the projectors and their sufferings and (as far as it is economically justifiable) always find a solution to bring our and your "treasures" to new splendour. Use our online repair form and send us your projectors so that we can give them a long and bright projector life.

Maintenance and Service

We recommend that you maintain your projectors so that they do not need to be repaired in the first place. The recommended maintenance cycle varies greatly depending on the length of use, location and type of projector. For example, maintenance and cleaning may be essential after a festival use, whereas a permanent installation in a clean room will require cleaning and maintenance only after two years. Our qualified workshop will be happy to assist you and help your projectors to achieve more light output, more homogeneous illumination and better colours. Replacing wearing parts such as the color wheel on 1-chip DLP projectors and replacing LCD panels is also no challenge for our experienced technicians. Even the adjustment of the convergence, as well as the exchange of individual DMD chips with DLP projectors or the exchange of LCDs with LCD projectors is no problem for our technicians. Where other companies and manufacturers send the devices and engines back to the factories, which sometimes takes a lot of time, we are at your side with our local service. This not only saves you many weeks, but also a lot of money. 

Can ReBeam help you?

ReBeam sees itself as a supporter and partner of all AV technicians, AV rental companies, integrators and media artists. In addition, we also offer our services, products and services to theatres and venues and their operators. ReBeam's customers also include small shops, industrial companies that equip their meeting rooms and halls with projectors, schools, advertisers and architects. We are also happy to take on exciting projects again and again that do not come from these classic sectors. Your project is also in good hands with ReBeam!

Projects and Services

In addition to service, maintenance, repair, consulting and sales, we offer to implement your projects together with you. For this purpose we have built up a large network of partner companies for you, which can support us beyond pure projection, e.g. with light and sound technology, with stage construction and installation up to the erection of scaffolding systems and their security. If your projectors are not sufficient for a planned project, we offer you the possibility to rent additional projectors from us (so-called dry hire). 

Dry hire to event technicians, events and projector professionals

We support our colleagues and customers not only with the sale and repurchase of video technology, but also offer you the opportunity to rent the technology from us. For this purpose we have more than 100 projectors between 6.000 and 50.000 ANSI lumens available in our rental warehouse. For example, we always have many Panasonic PT-DZ21K / K2 projectors available or can help you with the Panasonic PT-RZ970 laser projector. As a special service you can also rent all devices from our warehouse. These will then be specially prepared and made available for you as rental equipment. Contact us and you will receive a non-binding offer based on partnership.

What we are proud of

Over the past 10 years we have been able to refurbish more than 15,000 projectors and help them achieve a further life cycle. We are thus making a major contribution against the throwaway society and are proud to be making our contribution to a more sustainable use of resources. Over the past 10 years, we have also been able to implement many exciting projects of which we are proud. The South American Summer Olympic Games ODESUR 2018, which ReBeam has equipped with projectors and technicians, a privilege that otherwise only global players such as Panasonic, Coca-Cola and Co. Leisten can enjoy, should be mentioned in advance. Berlin Leuchtet, the Festival of Lights in Berlin and the annual Genius Loci Lichtkunstfestival in Weimar are supported by us with technology. We also regularly support the Signal Festival in Prague, which attracts more than 600,000 people to the streets as the largest cultural event in the Czech Republic, Greenpeace and various other social companies and groups with projectors and know-how. You can find exciting articles on many projects in our blog or obtain further background information and interesting industry knowledge there.

How can you reach us?

We always strive to be at your side quickly and comprehensively. You can reach us from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 18:00 and on Friday from 9:00 to 16:00 by phone. Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to contact us via the contact form on this website, our chat or by e-mail. You can find your suitable contact person HERE. We look forward to supporting you with your next project and will be happy to advise you independently when it comes to the purchase of projectors and video equipment.