Expert inspection & troubleshooting

Once your projector reaches our premises and you will receive notification from us of its receipt. Your product is inspected and checked by one of our specialists and you receive a detailed fault diagnosis. You immediately will receive a cost estimate from our technicians.
Now you can decide:
  • whether to let us carry out the repairs at the suggested price
  • or have us send back the device to you without repairing it
  • in this case a fee of €125 is payable for the repair cost estimate and for the costs or returning the item to you (€5.90 for up to 30 kg)
or it is not worth carrying out the repairs and you would prefer to have the projector disposed of by us. In this case the fee for the cost estimate can also be waived. Once the necessary repairs on your projector have been carried out, we inform you and you can collect it again. We are also happy to organize the shipment or logistics back to you.