Warranty & Quality Assurance 

New, demo, and refurbished projectors with up to 60 months rebeam warranty

Reliability and performance are the most important criteria for a good product. We know and 💚 the projectors we refurbish and then sell or rent, with less than 0.2% warranty claims our work is more reliable than most new equipment out of the factory.

Repair service with qualified technicians

To keep your equipment as reliable as possible, we recommend a cleaning and maintenance service in a cycle of 1000 hours or every 2 years, whichever comes first. 

100 percent operating reliability

Our quality management tests each refurbished unit for an average of 4 hours in at least 3 independent quality checks, we keep a log of each unit which is stored along with the serial number of the unit. 

Free return-to-base guarantee

All our projectors come with an individual warranty of up to 60 months. New equipment comes with the "normal" manufacturer warranty of a European dealer depending on model and manufacturer usually 12-60 months. The warranty of demo and refurbished units can be up to 60 months upon request.