Museums have a variety of requirements for their exhibitions.
The concepts and ideas of the curators and artists must be presented in their spirit.

The museum staff, who has to deal with the AV equipment on a daily basis, needs to be able to handle the gear easily. At the very least, switching exhibits on and off must be self-explanatory. Museum employees know from their own experience that the medium of video does not always work immediately. Even if it is said everywhere that it is plug and play, everyone knows that the reality is different. We are happy to advise here on the right choice of the most reliable components that also work together.

Beside the simple playing of clips on displays of different sizes, which start playing at the push of a button, there can also be complicated circuits, which require the use of sensors. Interactive is the key word here. Here the technology of the player, as well as the projection and image technology, should be well considered. Depending on the size of the museum and the number of exhibits, a network-based central media control can be useful.

The topic of immersive rooms is also becoming more and more important for museums. This is because it allows your visitors to experience art in a new and immersive way. Since high investments are involved here, an in-depth consultation about existing possibilities and the state of the art is highly recommended. It's all about the viewer's experience, which must be optimally promoted and intensified via the audio and video channels. There are no standard products or solutions in this area.

Barco F70-4K8

Brightness: 7500 ANSI lumens

Resolution: 2.560x1.600 WQXGA

Technology: DLP

Light source: Laser Phosphor

From €15,600.00

Individual consulting, according to your individual needs

We offer our knowledge and expertise for the selection of the right gear for such projects under consideration of your location, budget and what the market is offering now or in the near future.

Our team of consultants is looking forward to discuss your ideas and requirements with you.  

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