Über ReBeam


In 2009 Jonas Huber and Jan Schulte founded the company ReBeam, which quickly became the leading company for the refurbishment and recycling of projectors in Europe. Starting off as a start up in the innovation center of the HTW in Berlin Karlshorst, we quickly grow into our role as a Green AV Supplier and found the perfect location with a solid office space and warehouse in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg.

For us, Kreuzberg symbolizes the healthy mix of creative innovation and solid craftsmanship. Early on, our company was recognized for its ecological commitment in the event sector: in 2015 we won the German Sustainability Award and in 2017 got awarded by the Sustainability Council of Project N.

Further specializing in large venue and installation projectors, we strengthen our partnerships with many manufacturers and sign international distributor contracts. More and more theaters and stages learn to appreciate our specific service and wide range of products, making us their favorite video consultants. The large availability of used spare parts helps us to repair even equipment that is still written off by the manufacturers in a cost-efficient way and more and more event agencies count on our maintenance service.

In 2018, ReBeam was the official supplier of the South American Olympic Games in Bolivia and we were not only growing to meet the logistical challenges but also to become a truly international company.

The videomapping background of our company has always been a driving force for innovation and also to serve this sector with excellent service. Consequently, you can see ReBeam more and more often as a supplier and sponsor on the important light festivals in Europe.

At the same time we are involved in more and more installation projects and plan immersive spaces and exhibitions and walk-in art installations for our customers. We are optimistic about the future and look forward to exciting and sustainable products in our portfolio like the "Projection Mapping TUK-TUK" or the sustainable generators and batteries from Betteries.