Personal Consulting on buying a projector

Consulting hours: Monday - Thursday from 10 am - 5 pm & Friday from 10 am - 3 pm (CET)

Questions about which projectorlenses, LED Walls or displays you should buy? We are delighted to offer you advice and assistance, either by phone or email, on buying the right product for you. We answer all your questions about brightness, lamp hours or resolution.


To give you the best possible advice, it is worth considering the following points beforehand:

- How large should the projected image be (how many metres wide)? 
- At which distance do you intend to place the projector relative to the projection area (screen)? 
- Which devices do you want to connect to the projector? 
- Do you want to have an outdoor or an indoor projection?
- Can the space or room be dimmed or would you like to use the projector at daytime? 
- Do you have a planned budget?

You haven't found your desired projector, display, lens or LED wall in our online-shop? No problem - we provide almost everything worldwide and also ship to all countries. We ship worldwide and have a great experience in payment of duty.

Projectors consulting here on the spot

Furthermore, there is always the option to come to our warehouse and office for a personal discussion and advice. Then we can plan your needs together right at our premises in Berlin. And at the same time, you even have the opportunity to look at and test out some of the projectors we have in stock. Please arrange a meeting with our customer advisors to do so.

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