Nike Germany projection for International Women's Day

When: 08.03.2019

What: Guerilla mapping with partner company Beamaround on building facades Beamaround.

Challenge: Ensure mapping projection (video loop) in the midst of street traffic, rental and setup of all equipment including extensive cabling embedded in 25KVA underfloor generator.

Planning, rental and stacking of Panasonic DZ21K, ET-D75LE20 and Media Server BARCO XHD-404

Sisyphos Mapping Event

When: 11.9.2018

What: Atmospheric projection mapping with beamaround on the building facades of the Sisyphos Event Location.

Challenge: Under time pressure and during ongoing operation, the projection and the music had to be spontaneously harmonized, securing all equipment including the extensive cabling.

Planning, rental and installation of four used Panasonic PT-DZ21K projectors (in the stacking tower), two MX Wendler playback systems and eight used EIKI LC-WGC500A.

Sport Event Bolivia: Olympics South America

When: April- July 2018

What: The 2018 South American Games in Cochabamba were a major sporting event in South America, where a giant projection mapping could be seen in the stadium.

Challenge: As a video supplier and AV support it was a fascinating and instructive task in the international team to provide a large amount of projectors (in height). Over long distances, bright projectors had to communicate with the splitters, cables had to be laid correctly, and setup, operation and dismantling had to be monitored and delegated.

Rental and sale of 14 used Panasonic PT-DZ21 projectors, lenses, accessories including service support by a technician and a mapping specialist on site. Collaboration with visual.com.

Signal Festival Prague - Mapping

When: 16.-18. 2. 2018

What: The hall Dvořák in the Rudolfinum will be transformed by mapping under the direction of visual artists from all over the world.

Challenge: Intensive consulting of the Prague team, as the powerful projectors had to be arranged in the middle of the auditorium and had to be profoundly aligned by Edge Blendig. 

Consulting: Rental and sale of two Barco HDQ2-K40 and two Barco HDX-W20 Flex and Barco FLMHD20.

Nineties Berlin - Multimedia Exhibition

When: August 2018 - February 2019

What: Exhibition with 270 degree round horizon Videowall (Projection Mapping) with Edge Blending in the event location AlteMünze.

Challenge: Accurate edge blending of the seven projectors, continuous 24/7 video installation and truss construction and maintenance at height. Design, permanent installation and maintenance of the equipment. Seven Panasonic PT-DS100 projectors, MX Wendler media player system and interchangeable lenses were used. 
Further service: constant support by technicians on site.

Lichtpiraten Water Projection

When: 20. May 2017

What: Projection mappings on a 'wall' of water realized thanks to the Lichtpiraten in the middle of the elegant Schlosspark Babelsberg. The projections were coordinated with music.

Challenge: With a smaller budget, a video performance Up to the height rising water walls were used for video performance and had to be played with bright and at the same time inexpensive projectors.

Consulting, planning and rental of used Panasonic PT-DS 20K projectors and consulting for the difficult projection on the water.