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"Customized projector solutions for theaters, opera and stages "

Florian Wilke ("The show must go on")

Master Event Technology & Video Specialist - Theater expert

"As a former technical director at the Shakespeare Company in Bremen for many years, I have an excellent understanding of the challenges that theaters have to deal with: Small budgets and technically ambitious productions. Creative solutions have to be developed!"

ReBeam - Specialist for theater technology

What we offer:
-Planning and consulting for the purchase of new and used video technology.
-Up to 60 months ReBeam warranty
-Lease and financing of larger investments
-Long-term rental for projects
-Professional maintenance + repair during the break of the season / holidays
-Buyback of obsolete, faulty or old projection technology
-Emergency number for video questions also outside office hours
-Demo units, try before you buy and personal consulting in your location
-Access to spare parts through direct manufacturer contact and massive own stock
-More 15 years of experience
-Supply of replacement projectors during maintenance or repair
Modern theater productions are no longer contemporary without the appropriate media technology. The media diversity that we encounter in everyday life also takes its toll on theaters and stages, which are faced with the challenge of implementing their shows in a contemporary manner. There are several challenges that a stage company has to consider: financial framework, structural conditions, artistic wishes and the safety of the actors and audience are important criteria. At the same time, the technology used should be durable, fail-safe and quickly repairable or replaceable in an emergency.
The purchase of video technology and projectors often exceeds the available budget - especially for small theater productions this is an obstacle. Artists often invest time and soul for their performance without receiving adequate remuneration themselves. At the same time, artistic work with the medium of video has become increasingly important over the course of time and nowadays it is hard to imagine a theater production without it. Thus, ReBeam can also support small theater productions with affordable and creative solutions.
As a flexible supplier, ReBeam knows the needs and concerns of theater productions. For example, translating artistic ideas to what is technically possible requires professionals who think for themselves - who can not only support the creative process but also react quickly in case of an emergency or failure. Be it the delivery of a replacement unit within the shortest possible time or the sending of an accomplished technician for repair - ReBeam GmbH is only satisfied when the dress rehearsal and all subsequent performances have been successfully completed.
Often requested for stage productions: Short distance projections with rear projection screen: Here a projector with a suitable wide angle lens is used. The projector is positioned behind the actual stage and shines onto the screen. This prevents the actors from casting shadows on the stage. The special challenge is on the one hand the usually small space behind the screen (therefore short distance lenses) and on the other hand the correct positioning of the projector because corresponding short distance lenses require a special installation.

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