Jobs at ReBeam

We are a team of 10 authentic, down-to-earth, extraordinary people and one dog. We are located with our offices and warehouse in the heart of Kreuzberg / Berlin and where we work in a family atmosphere.

We are a bunch of individuals ourselves and don't fit into any box, so we value diversity and welcome applications from people who experience discrimination such as trans-, homo- and biphobia, racism, anti-Semitism, Ableism (discrimination against people with disabilities), classism (discrimination regarding social class), ageism (discrimination regarding age) or sexism.

In general we like colleagues who: 

- can think outside the box
- honor agreements
- ask for help when they get stuck
- value the work and time of their colleagues
- have the courage to talk about unpleasant issues
- face other people without stereotypes in your head
- treat environment and nature with respect
- work in a self-organized and structured way
- take responsibility for mistakes and able to learn from them
- are able to give appreciative feedback - who feel at home in Kreuzberg

Our philosophy

Our idea of self-managed rebeam leadership means more creative space, but also more responsibility for oneself and the team. We continuously try out how work can be organized more socially, better and more sustainably - and at the same time become more efficient and fulfilling for everyone. If you're tired of rigid hierarchical structures, you've come to the right place.

Are you interested in working at rebeam? Do you want to change careers or start a new career and grow with one of Europe's most sustainable companies for the rental and sale of AV technology?

With a clear professional goal, a special qualification or a special internship wish in mind, you don't have to wait for a suitable job offer from us. Convince us with your enthusiasm, your skills and your personality that you are the right person for the team. We look forward to receiving your application, which you can send to jobs@rebeam.de.