Projectors for house of worship

Churches, community centers and religious venues

ReBeam offers houses of worship and community centers comprehensive support for the implementation of audiovisual installations. Equipping houses of worship with sustainable video technology is our passion.

Among our satisfied customers are Kath. Pfarrei Liebfrauen-Überwasser, Kirchengemeinde St. Johannes Scheibenberg, Christus Centrum Neumünster, Bistum Augsburg, Evangelische Kirche im Rheinland, Augustinerkirche Erfurt, Kloster Bornhofen.

We provide know-how and active support for the modernization and transformation of your house of worship facility and help you save money and CO2. Not only have we specialized in the sale of professional projection technology for over ten years, but we also take care of planning and installation on site. Our focus is not only on user-friendly and reliable solutions but also on reducing your CO2 footprint. Our business model is based on the so-called "refurbishment", where technical equipment is refurbished to hightest standards and provided again with top performance and warranty, thus making it available to the world for another cycle of use.

This way of working gives us not only a very detailed knowledge of our products, but also allows us to run the most experienced projector workshop in Europe for our maintenance and service. Of course, we can also provide expert advice on the purchase of brand new projection technology for any application. At rebeam, we have learned a lot about the video needs of a house of worship from our American customers. Where the use of video projection technology has enjoyed a high priority in many venues for decades.

Here is a small checklist of relevant questions about your project that will help you when submitting the form:

  • Do you want a mobile or fixed projection? 
  • What are the ambient light conditions at the planned location at the usual time of use? 
  • What is to be projected onto? (wall, screen, altar, facade.....) 
  • What width should your projection image have? 
  • Would you rather like a portrait or a landscape projection? Aka more texts or more photos? 
  • At what distance should the projector be installed?
  • Where and how should the projection image and content be controlled?

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