Panasonic PT-DZ780

Brightness: 7000 ANSI lumens
Resolution: 1.920x1.200 WUXGA
Technology: DLP
Light source: 2x UHM 300 W


Panasonic PT-DZ780

7,000 lumens WXGA DLP projector

Equipped with a brightness of 7,000 lumens, the Panasonic PT-DZ780 is a strong performing projection solution meeting high demands. Therefore, it is used to design impressive installations in various surroundings including auditoriums, churches or conference rooms. In addition, the compactly built Panasonic PT-DZ780 satisfies when being used at fairs.

No matter where it is exploited, however, the Panasonic PT-DZ780 offers a wide range of tried and tested features. They include extremely low operating noises as well as a dustproof optical system. Also, the branded device offers Edge Blending and a color correction function.

Outstandingly quiet and powerful

Operators can design visually appealing multiscreen installations with the Panasonic PT-DZ780. They satisfy spectators with bright colors as well as sharp contrasts. Also its low operating noises are a benefit for high-class installations. Moreover, they build the basis for impressing during the continuous use. The same can be said about the integrated dual lamp system. Each light resource offers an average life span of 6,000 hours, providing an appealing efficiency.

At the same time, the Panasonic PT-DZ780 convinces with being a WXGA DLP projector which makes it easy to handle. Its maintenance efforts are appealingly low, while the lamp relay mode offers additional transferring safety during the continuous use.

Permanently satisfying: the Panasonic PT-DZ780

Outstandingly quiet, bright and reliable - the Panasonic PT-DZ780 without a doubt is a projection solution experts can rely on. However, the device impresses with various other features. They are inspired by state-of-the-art features provided by the most powerful projection solutions for large-scale events: Besides a cooling system, the Panasonic PT-DZ780 also has the dynamic RGB Booster functionality as well as Detail Clarity Processor. They help experts to design even more impressive installations under fierce conditions.

Brightness: 7000 ANSI lumens
Lamp type: UHP/UHM
Manufacturer: PANASONIC
Technology: DLP
Resolution: 1920x1200
Image format: WUXGA
Contrast: 2500 :1
Light source: 2x UHM 300 W
Lamp life: 4000 hours
Inputs: VGA, HDMI, DVI
Noise Level: 39 dB
Power consumption (max): 810 W
Voltage: 120-240 V
Lens shift: Nein
Interchangeable lens: Nein