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betteries betterGen-3

Providing sustainable alternatives to fuel-based generators and propulsion systems mitigates climate change, creates economic opportunities and improves quality of life.  The impact is cumulative: with each fuel-based generator or propulsion system we replace, we boost the circular economy by providing valuable second-life applications for EV batteries while replacing carbon-intensive technologies.

- Mobile AC power system
- for up to 3 betterPacks
- 3kW inverter charger included
- master controller included
- 2x 230V AC sockets

Scope of delivery:
- 1x mobile AC power supply system

Manufacturer: BETTERIES
Nennausgangsfrequenz (Netz) Hz: 50
Nennausgangsleistung kW: 3
Nennausgangsspannung (Netz) V: 230
Schnittstellen: WIFI, App, GSM
Length (in cm): 109
Width (in cm): 59
Height (in cm): 71
Weight: 0