Mirror Head 11 - Epson EB-L1000


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Mirror Head 11 - Epson EB-L1000

Where the projection area of statically positioned projectors ends, the Mirror Head's work begins. The Mirror Head 11 - Epson EB-L1000 from Dynamic Projection Institute is a digitally controlled high-tech mirror that can be scaled and can project moving or static images, videos or texts onto surfaces. The Mirror Head is produced in Austria and can be used with almost all projectors from 3,000-40,000 ANSI lumens.
The model MH11-EBL1L is suitable for the following projector models: MH11-EBL1L
The Mirror Head is incredibly quiet and is an ideal add-on in the areas of lighting design and interior design. The Mirror Head is controlled via a specially developed software that can be conveniently operated in common browsers.

Compatible for: Epson EB-L1490U, L1495U, L1500U, L1505U, L1750U, L1755U, amm.
Manufacturer: Dynamic Projection
Voltage: 240 V
Lens shift: Nein
Interchangeable lens: Nein