Sanyo LNS-T33

Ratio: 5.7-9:1


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Sanyo LNS-T33

The LNS-T33 5.70-9.00:1 lens is a ultra-long-throw lens with a ratio of 5.7-9:1.
The lens is compatible with 3LCD projectors made by Sanyo.
If you have any questions about the compatibility of LNS-T33 5.70-9.00:1 with your projector model, please contact our sales team by email or phone.

How to find the right value?

Distance = Image width x Ratio
Image width = Distance / Ratio
Ratio = Distance / Image width


f stands for "focal length". Ratio of focal length to aperture. Zoom lenses often have two values. The large apertures are described with small numbers and the small apertures with large numbers. A lens with a smaller focal length lets more light through.

Also projection ratio, ratio, throw. Is the ratio of the projection distance to the image width. Multiplying the number by the screen width is the distance between the projector and the screen. Therefore, the width of the screen can be calculated by dividing the screen distance by the number. If two numbers are given (for example: 1.5-2.5:1), it means that the projector has a zoom lens and the ratio can be changed within the given range.

SCREEN SIZE (diagonal)
Distance between two diagonally opposite corners.

Aspect Ratio, the ratio of width to height.

Number of pixels of the width and height of an image: e.g. 1920×1080

With aspect ratio 4:3
VGA (Video Graphics Array) 640 × 480 Pixel
SVGA (Super Video Graphics Array) 800 × 600 Pixel
XGA (Extended Graphics Array) 1024 × 768 Pixel
SXGA+ ( Super Extended Graphics Array Plus) 1400 × 1050 Pixel
UXGA (Ultra Extended Graphics Array) 1600 × 1200 Pixel

With aspect ratio 5:4
SXGA (Super Extended Graphics Array)

With aspect ratio 16:9
HD 720 (HD) 1280 × 720 Pixel
WSXGA (Wide Super Extended Graphics Adapter) 1600 × 900 Pixel
FULL HD (2K. HD1080. 1080p) 1920 × 1080 Pixel
QWXGA (Quadruple Wide Extended Graphics Adapter) 2048 × 1152 Pixel
2k 2048x1080 Pixel
4K-UHD 3840 x 2160 Pixel

With aspect ratio 16:10
WXGA (Wide Extended Graphics Array) 1280 × 800 Pixel
WXGA+ (Wide Extended Graphics Array Plus) 1440 × 900 Pixel
WSXGA (Wide Super Extended Graphics Adapter) 1680 × 1050 Pixel
WUXGA (Wide Ultra Extended Graphics Array) 1920 × 1200 Pixel

F-Wert: 2.2-2.7
Manufacturer: SANYO
Model: LNS-T33 5.70-9.00:1
Ratio: 5.7-9:1
Weight: 2