celexon, Faltrahmenleinwand Mobil Expert, 203x152 cm, Rückpr

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celexon, Faltrahmenleinwand Mobil Expert, 203x152 cm, Rückpr

For an optimal projection you need a suitable projection surface in addition to a good projector. The light emitted by the projector should be reflected as well as possible by the celexon screen.
The Faltrahmenleinwand Mobil Expert of Celexon has a format of 4:3 and is suitable for . With a GAIN value of 1,5 and a viewing angle of °, the screen's image quality is well-suited for business, school and event environments.
The carrier material is made of a and has a projection height of 152 cm and a projection width of 203 cm.
The fabric front side of Faltrahmenleinwand Mobil Expert is , and the back side is .

Hersteller: celexon
Leinwandtyp: Faltrahmenleinwand Mobil Expert
Projektionsart: Rückprojektion
Bildformat: 4:3
Projektionsbreite: 203 cm
Projektionshöhe: 152 cm
Inklusive Objektiv: Nein