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Our success is based on the quality, know-how and reliability of our products. All products offered by us are extensively tested by our quality control department in Berlin, Germany. Each product is thoroughly tested at least 2 times. We test everything that is possible and can therefore proudly offer you a particularly long warranty on all our products! We have developed our test protocol together with projector manufacturers and big rental companies to create one of the most comprehensive and secure test protocols in the AV industry. thoroughly Here you can see our test protocol.
Other than usual in the branch of industry, rebeam always gives a 30-day warranty on its products. So you can not only test your purchased product 24 hours or 48 hours long, you also can use our products for your first applications and events.

rebeam Warranty

The rebeam warranty is always at least 30 days from delivery (Note: we only sell to professionals). The rebeam warranty covers all technical and electronic defects of the purchased product, except for wear parts such as lamps or polarizing filters and faulty operation by the user. (like potential differences, which lead to the destruction of the digital ports (HDMI, DVI)..
On request, the warranty can be extended or adapted for many products individually for you. Thus, rebeam offers the possibility of extending the warranty up to 60 months.

Individual service and maintenance packages are also possible.

Warranty upgrade Options*:

  • 6 months rebeam Warranty only 6% the purchase price of the product**
  • 12 months rebeam Warranty only 12% the purchase price of the product**
  • 18 Monate rebeam Warranty only 18% the purchase price of the product**
  • 24-60 months rebeam Warranty ask for individual quote, depending on product**

*if available, ask your personal consulting partner

Here are our full Warranty Terms

Rebeam Warranty


This warranty is valid from the invoice date and within the stipulated warranty time frame, and upon presentation of proof of purchase (original invoice indicating dealers name, address, model no, serial no and date of purchase).

The Customers sole remedy under this warranty is for repair of the product only. Neither Rebeam nor the Authorized Service Center nor any of its affiliates shall be responsible or liable for any delay in repairs. In the event that the Authorized Service Center does not have the required parts in stock to carry out the repair, or if they do not have the required technical information (due to the fact that product was purchased from a different country), the parts or technical information may have to be obtained by the Authorized Service Center which may result in a delay in repairs. Moreover, requested repair will be rendered impossible due to import/export restrictions for such products and/or the parts necessary for the repair and/or the availability of specialized jigs to necessitate repairs and/or other country specific regulations or unforeseen circumstances.

Time taken for repair under warranty will not be excluded from the warranty period.

1. Warranty Period is valid for the stipulated time on the invoice, from the date of purchase.

2. Products covered under this warranty: Large Venue Projectors.

3. Warranty Coverage Includes: Spare Parts and Labor Charge

4. Warranty Coverage Excludes: This is Carry-in warranty. Products requiring service support should be brought to the Service Center. Service Center is not responsible for the transportation to and from the place of the installation.

5. Warranty will be void if:

a. Defect is caused due to accidents, transit damage, improper use, power fluctuation, natural disaster and/or by any operation not covered in the instruction manual.

b. Product is installed, tampered, modified, repaired or attempted to repair by unauthorized service personnel.

c. Model name and serial No. on the device does not match the invoice details, or if they are altered, removed or mutilated.

6. Warranty does NOT cover:

a. Accessories (batteries, adapters, carry cases, remote commander etc.), Buttons, Cosmetic parts (front or rear panels, covers, handle, name badge etc.)

b. Consumables (lamps, liquids, filters, reflectors, fans, pumps, batteries, harddisks, etc...) unless explicitly stated otherwise.

c. Periodic checks, product demonstration, maintenance or installation.

The purpose of this warranty is limited and we are not liable for any incidental or

consequential damage from breach of any express or implied warranty on the products.

Authorized Service Center reserves the right to judge and reject claims as per the above conditions.

For any queries, please contact:

ReBeam GmbH

Liegnitzer Straße 15, D-10999 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 609 859 54-0

Fax: +49 30 609 859 54-9


-Large Venue Projectors should be maintained, cleaned and serviced regularly (every 500-1000hours) by an Authorized Service Center.

-Brightness decrease of the light source is considered natural and is not included in the standard or extended warranties. The products have been designed for approximately 50% light decrease of the light source over a period of 20.000 hours of operation at 25°C at a typical usage mode.

** Unfortunately, an extended warranty is not available for every product.

rebeam takes responsibility and doesn't leave you out in the rain, whether it's a piece of equipment purchased from us or elsewhere in the world, we'll be happy to take care of the repair, service and maintenance for you. We also repair and maintain many devices where the manufacturer no longer offers service or spare parts.We would be pleased to make you an individual offer.