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Prefer to rent rather then buy?

Would you like to rent an event projector for a conference, film screening, projection mapping, function, event or concert? With our strong partner BeamAround, we can provide you with a powerful, targeted solution. BeamAround will provide you with comprehensive design, management and implementation for your project at an excellent value.

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Renting makes perfect sense, if:

  • You need projectors with different technical specifications for several events.
  • You would like individual consultation and service from a single source.
  • You need powerful projectors for fewer than 6 events per year, or equipment for a unique event.
  • You need a quick replacement with support after an equipment failure.
  • You want immediate depreciation and amortization of your operating expenses.
  • You prefer inexpensive financing with a custom rental model.
  • You would like to be protected from typical ownership risks relating to defects covered by warranty, insurance and damage repairs.

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