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Projector Repair

Please contact on of our partners for repairs under 5000 ANSI Lumen:

VICOM Elektrofachhandel Oppelnerstr. 6

D-10997 Berlin

Fon: +49 30 61 89 11 7

Mobil: +49 163 73 67 71 2


Repair service only for projectors with more than 5000 lumen 

We have gained decades of experience in repairing projectors from all manufacturers

By refurbishing which is one of our business principles, we have access to spare parts which it would not be profitable for other service providers to buy new. This allows us to offer projector repairs at very affordable rates which would not be feasible in Germany otherwise.

Our technicians carry out repairs down to the lowest component level (the chip). Even single soldered semiconductor components are replaced here. his enables us to reduce the costs for our customers multiple times.

Projector repairs by specialists at affordable rates

You fill out our repair service form online and then print it out. (You can also first print out the form and fill out the relevant fields by hand, but in this case we would request you to ensure that your writing is as legible as possible).

You arrange to have your projector sent to us as follows:

  • without the accessories (unless you believe that the fault could also be there, in this case please contact us first),
  • including the repair service form,
  • very well packed or in the original packaging

Your projector reaches our premises and your receive notification from us of its receipt.

Your product is inspected and checked by one of our specialists and you receive a detailed fault diagnosis.

You immediately receive a cost estimate from our technicians.

Now you can decide:

  • whether to let us carry out the repairs at the suggested price,
  • or have us send back the device to you without repairing it – in this case a fee of €125 is payable for the repair cost estimate and for the costs or returning the item to you (€5.90 for up to 30 kg),
  • or it is not worth carrying out the repairs and you would prefer to have the projector disposed of by us. In this case the fee for the cost estimate can also be partly waived.

Should you decide to have the repairs carried out, we inform you as soon as your equipment has been repaired and you can collect it again. We are also more than happy to send the projector back to you (the shipment is with costs).

Typical defects in projectors:

DLP Projector / Pixel Error / Start-field:

A typical error that occurs in DLP projectors, produced since 2007, is an increasing number of white or black dots, which appear constantly during the projection.

Total loss! We could replace the DLP chip (200-650€ inc service), but unfortunately, the problem will occur after 3-36 months again sometime, also regardless of the use!

In their first 20 years of production DLP chips were unbreakable. We have seen units with 50,000 hours or more. Since 2007 there is a new convenient design of the DMD chip, which after 3-4 years gets ruined and has the error described above.

LCD projection error:

A typical faults in LCD projectors are image errors like bright colour stains on white background, colour spots on the image or other defects that are visible on the projected image. Repairable and worth it! There is mostly dust in the optical system or defective LCD's and polarizing filter. These are usually repairable damages. Here it is worthwhile to send the unit to us for review. Most times we can offer here a quick, convenient repair.

DLP or LCD projecor does not make a sound. Power supply defective!

If your device is unresponsive, no light bulb or the lamp is not ignited, it is often a power supply failure. Its repairable and worthwhile fixing! As long as the motherboard is not damaged, it is very easy repair. We have a lot of power supplies and lamp power supplies in stock, in some we can replace the defective component on the power supply. Send us your defective unit and we will fix your projector.