Sanyo PLC-XF46E

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Famous LCD projector standard in: Sanyo PLC-XF46

The Sanyo PLC-XF46E with a brightness of 12000 ANSI Lumen offers a very high light output. 12000 ANSI Lumen are plenty for projections at large conferences, expos, fairs and outdoors. The Sanyo PLC-XF46E thus plays in the 'event-league' and is designed for public screenings, permanent installations and long-term usage.

Other than brightness, contrast ratio is an important feature for saturated and vibrant images. The contrast for the Sanyo PLC-XF46E comes in at a very good 1300:1. Even critical light conditions (very bright or dark) pose no problems for this projector.

The native XGA resolution of 1024x768 pixels with an aspect ratio of 4:3 guarantees super crisp images.

Projector with vibrant, natural colours

The projector works with LCD technology. The light of the projector is cast through 3 LCD displays. One display for each primary colour (red, blue, green). This technology offers particularly natural and equally vibrant colours. We recommend this technology for home cinema use and exact colour display.

The projector has an optical lens shift . This is a feature of a top quality projector, which allows you to shift the image of your projection without distortions, and without moving the projector.

The Sanyo PLC-XF46E is designed for professional long continuous operation in 23/7 or 24/7 mode. The lamp lifetime is 2000 hours. This is a very high value, which will guarantee years of vivid projections, and vey low follow-up costs for you. The current lamp running time is hours. At an average of 1.5h daily operation, a new lamp will run 4 years.

The projector uses interchangeable lenses, giving you extreme flexibility to equip the projector with different optional lenses.

First class projector at a great price discount

We offer projectors in different conditions. The Sanyo PLC-XF46E shown here is in 'used' condition. 

Note: our projectors are usually sold without lenses, frame or case. If you are interested in projector lenses and other accessories, we will be happy to advise you and make a personal offer.


Name Sanyo PLC-XF46E
Brightness 12000 ANSI Lumen
Contrast 1300:1
Resolution 1024x768
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Output Signals PAL, SECAM, NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL-M/N HDTV 1080i, 720p 480p 1035i
Technology 3 x LCD TFT Panel
Throw Ratio Lens optional
Lamp Life 1000/2000 hours
Lamp Output 300 W
Audible Noise 46 dB eco mode
Weight 37.50 kg
Speaker 2x 3W Stereo
Inputs DVI , Mini Jack , Computer 2 / Video , BNC / YUV , Mini Jack , BNC/YC , S-Video , Mini Jackaus. E gang , USB , Control Port , RS232C
Special Characteristics lens shift, 2/4-lamp system, 24/7 continuous operation, interchangeable Lenses
Dimensions 57.91cm x 25.15cm x 78.23cm
Condition Gebraucht

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