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Low price projectors that master every challenge 

From leading manufacturers

Here you will find used & tested branded equipment with warranty, which is suitable for various presentations or conferences. They are also predestined for installations and art projections such as video mapping. 
You can realise particularly demanding projections with the power and brightness of several projectors in a stacked row. Just give us a call for quick advice on projectors, frames and interchangeable lenses!

You can, of course, have the projector demonstrated to you. For film projections we recommend the widescreen format and at least a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, you will have even better film experience with the beamers with 1920 x 1080 pixels. Higher resolutions guarantee you always clear, color brilliant pictures. 
Are you a rental company of event equipment and would like to complete your collection of professional projectors from renowned manufacturers at a reasonable price? We offer new and used high performance projectors from 5000 to 40000 ANSI lumens.

Impress with first-class high performance projectors

High-end projectors are characterized above all by their extreme brightness and their reliability under extreme conditions. The further away the projector is from the screen (hall, foyer, large conference room), the higher the resolution and light power (ANSI lumens) should be. In a large room, which you can darken, 6000 ANSI lumens can be successfully projected. In a very bright room, however, you will need more than 8000 ANSI lumens.

Laser beamer, Full-HD projector or a 4k device?

Which projectors are lucrative for your project depends on your application, your premises and your budget. A 24/7 art installation requires different specifications than a projector in strong sunlight... We have lenses that can withstand both extremely short and very long distances to the screen. Projections in daylight or outdoors require a stronger light output. Detailed colour rendering for films requires a high resolution. 
Are assembly work necessary and you think of rear projection or projectors stacking - do you also need special frames?

Whether party, public screening or presentation, many customers from different industries are already enthusiastic. The devices are mostly used, they have already been running once or have been set up for demo purposes. The projectors were checked, cleaned or equipped with another lamp by our specialists and found to be technically faultless. We have more than 10 years of experience in this field.