Christie Roadster WU14K-M

Brightness: 12500 ANSI lumens
Resolution: 1.920x1.200 WUXGA
Technology: 3-Chip-DLP
Light source: 2x UHP 450 W


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Christie Roadster WU14K-M

14,000 lumens DLP projector

Equipped with 14,000 lumens, the Christie Roadster WU14K-M is a reliably bright 3 Chip DLP projector designed for large-scale events. Therefore, operators of fairs, theme parks or permanent installations benefit from its carefully selected features. The same goes for experts designing long-term illumination under difficult conditions.

No matter where it is used however, the Christie Roadster WU14K-M convinces with an extremely sharp 10,000:1 contrast ratio transferring vivid colours and fine details. The device also is equipped with a native 1,920 x 1,200 pixel WUXGA resolution making it one of the most powerful 3 Chip DLP projectors currently available.

Strong features meeting high demands

The Christie Roadster WU14K-M enables experts of the event industry to transfer videos, presentations, games, apps and Blu-rays in high-quality. This includes almost 2,3 million pixels in total while working on the DLP technology by Texas Instruments. In combination with a dynamic iris diaphragm, they become even more impressive:

This feature sends the incoming light straight through the lens. Consequently, operators are able to adjust the contrast ratio of the images as needed. However, the scattered light of the surroundings does not influence this process.

The Christie Roadster WU14K-M: powerful regardless of its location

With the Christie Roadster WU14K-M, high-quality installations are easily designed both on smooth and curved screens. This also is the case without noteworthy distortion thanks to its flexible features like an integrated lens shift.

Also, the device has four parallel shining lamps. They make the Christie Roadster WU14K-M not only more bright, but also maximize its durability. At the same time, operators are able to run the device with only one lamp for best illumination results. When doing so, the generally high life span of this projector is put to the next level.

Manufacturer: CHRISTIE
Model: Roadster WU14K-M
Projector type: 3-Chip DLP
Brightness: 12500 ANSI lumens
Resolution: 1.920x1.200 WUXGA
Aspect ratio: 16:10
Light source: UHP/UHM
Contrast: 2500 :1
Operation noise: -
Power supply: 110-240
Power consumption: 1500
Weight: 39