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Panasonic LCD Projector with 6500 ANSI Lumen

The PT-EZ770Z is characterized by 6500 ANSI lumens of brightness. This high brightness makes it ideal for your events, conferences and installations. The high luminosity classifies it for the event league of projectors. It is ideal for projections at large conferences, at trade fairs or outdoors. But it is also very suitable for other demanding tasks such as permanent installations. With 65000 ANSI lumens and a high-quality workmanship, the Panasonic is much more reliable and failsafe than a normal office beamer.

The contrast of the Panasonic PT-EZ770Z is 5000:1 and delivers brilliant colours. With over 2 million active pixels a detailed display is guaranteed,

The beamer works with LCD technology. Here the light of the projector is sent through 3 LCD displays, one LCD display per basic colour (red, green, blue). This process ensures particularly natural colors. The luminosity of the individual colours is also equally high.

The projector has an optical lens shift. This distinguishes high-quality beamers, because with Lensshift you can move the image of the beamer distortion-free, without moving the beamer. This is particularly important if you want to place your beamer in the corner of a room, for example, but want to project the image in the middle.

The Panasonic PT-EZ770 is designed for continuous professional use. It can also be operated in 23/7 or 24/7 mode. The fewest projectors on the market support this feature, because a very good lamp cooling is necessary here. You can find more detailed information on run times, maintenance intervals etc. in the manual or brochure of the projector.

The Panasonic PT-EZ770 also has an ECO Mode, which extends the lamp life while reducing brightness, operating noise and projector power consumption.

The projector has the ability to change lenses. This has the advantage that you can use the projector extremely flexibly by different optionally available interchangeable lenses. Whether 2 or 50 meters distance, there is always a suitable lens for your needs. Please contact us directly to determine the right lens for you.

We offer projectors in different states. The projector is in "used" condition. This means that it is a device that has already been in use. It has been checked, cleaned or equipped with another lamp by our specialists and found to be technically faultless. 

Bezeichnung Panasonic PT-EZ770
Helligkeit 65000 ANSI Lumen
Kontrast 5000:1
Auflösung 1920 x 1200
Format 16:10
Wiedergabesignale Pal, SECAM, NTSC, HDTV 720p, 1080i, 1080p EDTV 480p, 576p
Technologische Details 3 x 0,76 LCD TFT Panel 
Projektionsverhältnis optional
Lampenlebensdauer 2000/3000 Stunden
Lampenleistung 400 W
Betriebsgeräusch 37 dB eco mode
Gewicht 10.60 kg
Eingänge DVI , VGA ,USB, S-Video , Optional, DVI-D mit HDCP
Besondere Eigenschaften Lensshift, 24/7 Dauereinsatzfähig, Eco-Mode, Wechselobjektive
Abmessungen 530 x 177 x 445 mm
Zustand Gebraucht

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