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betteries betterPack-single

Providing sustainable alternatives to fuel-based generators and propulsion systems mitigates climate change, creates economic opportunity and improves quality of life.  The impact is cumulative: With each fuel-based generator or propulsion system replaced, we boost the circular economy by providing valuable 2nd life applications for EV batteries whilst replacing carbon intensive technologies.

- Second life replaceable Li-Ion battery pack
- Stackable end module
- 52.5V, 2.3kWh
- 2.6kW continuous power at 25C

Scope of delivery:
- 1x betteries betterPack-single module

Ladezeit h: 4,5
Manufacturer: BETTERIES
Nenn-Entladeleistung (@25°C) kW: 2,6
Nennkapazität Wh: 2346
Nennspannung (extern) V: 51,8
Nutzbare Kapazität (@80% DoD) Wh: 1924
Schutzklasse: IP67
Spitzenleistung (@25°C) kW: 7,9
Length (in cm): 28,5
Width (in cm): 54,6
Height (in cm): 27,7
Weight: 0