Panasonic ET-ELU20

Type: Ultra-Weitwinkel-Objektiv

Ratio: 0.33-0.353:1

Vivitek D98-1518

Type: Standard-Objektiv

Ratio: 1.56-1.86:1

From €1,800.00
Vivitek D88-LOZ101

Type: Tele-Objektiv

Ratio: 3.58-5.38:1

From €1,490.00
Vivitek D88-WZ01

Type: Standard-Objektiv

Ratio: 1.25-1.79:1

Vivitek D88-ST001

Type: Standard-Objektiv

Ratio: 1.73-2.27:1

From €790.00
Vivitek D88-UST01B

Type: Ultra-Weitwinkel-Objektiv

Ratio: 0.38:1

Vivitek D88-UWZ01

Type: Weitwinkel-Objektiv

Ratio: 0.75-0.93:1

Epson ELPLW08

Type: Standard-Objektiv

Ratio: 1.18-1.66:1

From €3,999.00
Epson ELPLM08

Type: Standard-Objektiv

Ratio: 1.45-2.32:1

From €380.00
Epson ELPLX01

Type: Ultra-Weitwinkel-Objektiv

Ratio: 0.35:1

From €6,490.00
Barco TLD+ 0.73:1

Type: Weitwinkel-Objektiv

Ratio: 0.8:1

Price on request

Panasonic ET-DLE450

Type: Tele-Objektiv

Ratio: 5.4-8.6:1

From €1,899.00

Interchangeable lenses for large-venue projectors

Professional interchangeable lenses for event projectors are the decisive advantage at trade fairs and events in order to quickly and flexibly adjust the projection to light and location conditions. The lens has a decisive influence on the image quality. It is the eye of the projector that often determines the success of your event. To find out more about lenses for event projectors, how to find a lens that perfectly fits your requirements, just give us a call.
With rebeam's wide range of lenses, you can adjust the desired subject at any time to match the surroundings, light ratio and screen size. Our lenses for large venue projectors are tested and reasonably priced, and can be delivered at short notice. 

We will support you that you can ensure the best possible image quality for your project. We stock lenses of all current manufacturers and all luminous intensities with all focal lengths and apertures: Standard, wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and telephoto zoom lenses. Good for you: Many of the original Panasonic lenses are compatible with Sanyo projectors! The ratio of projection distance to image width, is essential. 
If you are unsure which focal length range the interchangeable lens should cover, please contact us.