Mitsubishi LED Wall 35,38m² - AVL-IDT6

Mitsubishi Electric
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LED screen for indoor use in dramatic perfection! 

The unique technologies of Mitsubishi with ultra-high resolution with perfect images, incredible contrasts and pure, natural colors. IDT4 features 3-in-1 LEDs in a true 4.00mm grid, delivering a physical resolution of 62,487 pixels per square meter at a minimum distance of just 1 meter.  
IDT4 also offers extremely wide viewing angles with no color shift for larger viewing angles. Mitsubishi's mechanical design gives you the flexibility to create a screen that matches your size requirements and delivers seamless images without the alignment problems or annoying posts found with other technologies. The modular design allows easy installation with pre-assembled and framed panels that fit in the location of your choice.
Mitsubishi's unique colour space conversion - which allows colour and luminance to be adjusted independently - provides excellent natural colour reproduction and combines it with the true black of our ultra-contrast screen image to create a stunning effect.

This package includes:

80 x DiamondVision AVL-IDT6 Black LED Module
2 x DiamondVision AVL-IDT6 Black LED modules (as backup)
1 x DiamondVision XDC-5000 incl. Temp. Collect Unit. Digitizer for AVL-IDT4/IDT6
1 x NEC MultiSync LCD 2090UXi, black
5 x DiamondVision HD-SDI/SD-SDI Converter for IDT4/IDT6
11 x DiamondVision Bottom Base (Foot Beam) for IDT6
10 x DiamondVision Connection Base for IDT6
5 x DiamondVision Base W2 for IDT6
11 x DiamondVision Stack H2 for IDT6
22 x DiamondVision Stack H3 for IDT6
1 x DiamondVision Removal Tool for IDT6 (Removal Tool for replacing individual LED units in a module)
16 x DiamondVision Attachment Side for IDT4/IDT6
22 x Schuko on PowerCon connection cable
4 x power distributor CEE 32A 5pol to 6x Schuko
2 x power distributor CEE 63A 5pol to 2x CEE 32A 5pol 
Incl. an in-house training for the use of this LED wall!

LED 6mm Indoor

Pixel pitch 6 mm
Resolution per module 96×128 pixels (HxW)
Brightness 2,000 cd/m²
Dimensions (WxHxD) 768x576x177 mm
Weight 27,5 kg

(All data per module)