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Customized projector service for theatres & theatres  

Modern theatre productions are no longer contemporary without appropriate media technology. The media diversity we encounter in everyday life also takes its toll on theatres and stages, which are faced with the challenge of realising their shows in a contemporary way. There are several challenges a stage company has to consider: financial framework, structural conditions, artistic wishes and the safety of the actors and spectators are important criteria. At the same time, the technology used should be durable, fail-safe and quickly repairable or replaceable in an emergency. 

The purchase of video technology and projectors often goes beyond the available budget - and the costs are often too high especially with small theatre productions this is an obstacle. Often artists invest for their Performance time and soul, without even receiving adequate compensation. Parallel is the artistic work with the medium video has become more and more important in the course of time and nowadays it's hard to imagine a theatre production without it. So ReBeam can also support small theatre productions with inexpensive and creative solutions.

As a flexible supplier, ReBeam knows the needs and concerns of theatre productions.
For example, the translation of artistic ideas into the technically feasible requires skilled workers who can not only support the creative process but can also react quickly in the event of an emergency or breakdown. Be it the delivery of a replacement device within the shortest possible time or the sending of an experienced technician for repair - ReBeam GmbH is only satisfied when the dress rehearsal and all subsequent performances have been successfully completed.

Often in demand for stage productions: short distance projections with rear projection screen: Here a projector with a suitable wide-angle lens is used. The projector stands behind the actual stage and radiates onto the screen. This prevents the actors from casting shadows on the stage. The special challenge is the small space behind the screen (therefore short distance lenses) and the correct positioning of the projector because short distance lenses require a special installation.

Also the flying of the projectors, i.e. the suspension on a traverse or on the theatre ceiling, is a frequently requested challenge, since the safety of the spectators and actors as well as the actual mounting can lead to challenges. Thanks to our network of suppliers and our experience, we will find the right solution for you. 

Since most stages are not built in 4:3 or 16:10 format, special screens or alternative projection screens are sometimes required. Again, ReBeam offers individual and creative solutions that make your production unique. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

There are also special requirements for the playback devices. They must not only be fail-safe, but must also be integrated into the existing lighting and stage technology. Of course, the automation of stage production plays an important role and can be realized with the right media servers without much trouble. Here ReBeam also offers the appropriate solutions for your requirements. 

We do not only take over the technical equipment but can also support you with the project planning. How bright must a projector be? How many projectors does it take to illuminate the stage of a theatre? What requirements do the projectors have to meet? Which lenses are suitable for the premises? Our specialists will be happy to assist you. 

For more than two years Mr. Florian Wilke has been our first contact for all stage productions. Thanks to his many years of experience at the Shakespear Company in Bremen, he speaks the language of stage technicians and technical production managers; he also knows the worries and needs of theatres from his own experience and will be happy to help you with your next project. Please do not hesitate to contact him.