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Proven and Reliable: Sanyo LCD Projector

15000 ANSI lumens and 2K resolution

The Sanyo PLC-HF15000L has a very good brightness with 15000 ANSI lumens. 15000 ANSI lumens provide bright, bright projections at conferences, trade fairs or for outdoor public viewing. The Sanyo PLC-HF15000L belongs to the event league and is also suitable for use in theatres, churches, trade fairs and long-term operation.

This top projector is characterised by colourful images due to the very high contrast of 3000:1 and a pleasant brightness. The very high contrast makes it ideal for applications where high color fidelity is required.

The native 2K cinema resolution of 2048x1080 pixels with an aspect ratio of 17:10 guarantees extremely sharp representation.

The beamer works with LCD technology. This process ensures particularly natural colors. The luminosity of the individual colours is also equally high.

Other features: ECO mode, edge blending, lens shift, freeze, gamma correction, Lan network compatible.

The lamp life of the beamer is 3000 hours. With an average of 1.5 hours a day, a new lamp lasts 6 years.

We offer projectors in different states. The projector is in "Used" condition.