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For demanding tasks: The Panasonic PT-EX16K

Pin sharp image quality

The powerful LCD projector offers convincing reliability and system expandability, as well as high brightness, outstanding quality and stunning picture quality on large screens. 

The Panasonic PT-EX16K features 16000 ANSI lumens brightness. It is predestined for events and shows. The high luminosity classifies it for professional event rental. It is ideal for projections at all outdoor events. But it is also very suitable for other demanding tasks such as public viewing and demonstrations.

With almost 800,000 active pixels, the XGA resolution of 1024x768 pixels has always been the upper standard of the 4:3 projectors on the market. XGA is considered the best choice for presentations and training.

Projections in the natural color spectrum

The beamer works with LCD technology. Its Pure Color Control achieves excellent brightness with optimum colouring.

By a multiple lamp system (2 or 4 lamps run parallel) you have a very high reliability of the device. So you do not stay in the dark during important presentations. In addition, only individual lamps can usually be operated, which prolongs the service life of the lamps with reduced light output.

Quickly ready for use thanks to the Direct Power-Off feature

The Direct Power Off feature of the Panasonic PT-EX16K allows the projector to be assembled and disassembled in a very short time. The lamp does not need to be cooled for several minutes as usual.

Including warping and edge blending functions as well as lensshift. The PT-EX16K projector is designed for professional continuous use: has an ECO Mode. The lamp life of the projector is 3000 hours.