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    Optoma Projectors - Projectors for Home and Professional Applications

    Optoma is one of the world's leading manufacturers of projectors and beamers in the educational, business and home entertainment sectors. Optoma has been able to convince us and our customers with professional A/V technology for over 15 years. The company offers projectors up to 10,000+ lumens. We offer top prices, Optoma B-goods, refurbished and used projectors for every purpose.

    Of course, we have the professional 1-Chip DLP serie (EH505) from Optoma, which ist in excellent condition (demo ware) and is recommended for all those customers who are looking for a powerful projector with a long lifetime. With Optoma you can look forward to a successful event that will impress you with its lighter weight and comfortable operability. Fixed installations in meeting rooms or showrooms are also proven. Unless otherwise stated, the projectors are supplied without lenses. 
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  • Optoma EH505 – image 1
    Optoma EH505 – image 2
    Optoma EH505 – image 3
    Optoma EH505 – image 4
    Optoma EH505 – image 5
    Optoma EH505 – image 6
    Optoma EH505 – image 7
    Optoma EH505 – image 8
    Optoma EH505 – image 9
    Optoma EH505 – image 10
    Optoma EH505

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  • Optoma W501 – image 1
    Optoma W501 – image 2
    Optoma W501 – image 3
    Optoma W501 – image 4
    Optoma W501 – image 5
    Optoma W501 – image 6
    Optoma W501 – image 7
    Optoma W501

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