Powerful laser projectors set completely new standards in projection

The laser light sources in professional projection environments impress with their immense power. Today, semiconductors as light sources have long been the main focus of development at Panasonic (Solid Shine Laser), digital projection (HIGHlite series) or Christie (Christie Mirage 4KLH). Halogen mercury and xenon lamps are now increasingly being replaced by laser-phosphorus light sources.

In addition to laser phosphor projectors, there are LED projectors, hybrid projectors and RGB laser projectors. The laser phosphor projectors convince so far by their stable projections which is possible by their even light output. The advantage of this design is undoubtedly lower maintenance and the associated low operating costs due to its long service life. The hybrid projectors also work with LED technology. However, they are real professional LEDs and laser diodes that produce the green light colour thanks to a blue laser diode and a phosphor wheel. The light output also reaches a strength of up to 30000 ANSI lumens.

Advantages of laser projectors

If a conventional lamp has to be replaced after 1500 to 6000 because half of its luminosity is lost, lasers can be used for 20,000 operating hours without maintenance. Less pollutants are used, which simplifies transport and disposal.
Lasers and LEDs do not operate at full light output if the projected image content does not require it. This increases the contrast range of the projector, allowing for a more dynamic picture life.
Laser projectors are ready for spontaneous use: They do not require a specific warm-up time and also have no cooling phases.