EIKI Projectors LC-XT2


    With 7700 ANSI Lumen the EIKI LC-XT2 offers a lot of illumination for your events and installations. 7700 ANSI Lumen make the EIKI LC-XT2 perfect for projections at large conferences, fairs and outdoors too. The EIKI LC-XT2 belongs in the event- and conference class and is suitable for large screenings, mappings and permanent installations. Its 7700 ANSI Lumen make it substantially brighter and more reliable than a consumer home cinema or office projector.

    Other than brightness is also contrast ratio important feature for saturated and colorful images. The contrast for the EIKI LC-XT2 comes in at a great 700:1.

    Nearly 800,000 active pixels in the XGA resolution of 1024x768px has always been the upper class of the 4:3 aspect ratio projectors. XGA is seen as best choice for presentations and education.

    The projector works with LCD technology. The light of the projector is cast through 3 LCD displays. One display for each primary colour (red, blue, green). This technology offers particularly natural and equally vibrant colours. We recommend this technology for home cinema use and exact colour display.

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    EIKI LC-XT2 LCD Projector

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