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LIGHTNING 45-1080p-3D


Bombastic brightness and full color brilliance

A worthwhile investment Digital Projection LIGHTNING 45-1080p-3D

With 30000 ANSI lumens, the Digital Projection LIGHTNING 45-1080p-3D offers a lot of brightness for events and large occasions. With 30000 ANSI lumens, the Digital Projection LIGHTNING 45-1080p-3D is ideal for outdoor projection, for projection mapping, for example.

Even light-critical situations (particularly bright or dark) do not cause the projector any problems, because the contrast is 2000:1.

The native Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio) guarantees a detailed display. 

Special features: WLAN integrated, Lensshift. LAN network connection, numerous video and graphics processing functions, geometry correction and edge blending.

The projector is equipped with a Xenon lamp. Xenon light has the widest possible colour spectrum, better than normal UHP/NSH projector lamps, and therefore offers the best colour reproduction for projections.

The lamp life of the beamer is 500 hours.