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With 20000 ANSI Lumen the Digital Projection LIGHTNING 38-WUXGA-3D offers a lot of brightness for your events and installations. With 20000 ANSI lumens, the projector is ideal for projections at large events, at trade fairs or outdoors. The Digital Projection LIGHTNING 38-WUXGA-3D belongs to the event class and is also suitable for public viewing and permanent installations. 

In addition to brightness, rich and colourful projections also require the highest possible contrast as an important feature. The contrast of the Digital Projection LIGHTNING 38-WUXGA-3D is a very good 2000:1. This means that even light-critical situations (particularly bright or dark) are no problem for the projector.

The native WUXGA resolution of 1920x1200 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:10 guarantees one of the sharpest images. The resolution corresponds to the classic Full HD resolution.

The Digital Projection LIGHTNING 38-WUXGA-3D supports the Real Full HD 3D format (Blu-ray 3D format). The Full HD 3D format is the only 3D format without loss of quality. 

Main Features: Built-in WLAN interface, optical Lensshift, LAN network connection RJ45, Edge Blending, Real Full 3D

The projector is equipped with a Xenon lamp. Xenon lamps are characterized by a very stable brightness over the entire life of the lamp. Xenon light has the largest possible colour spectrum, better than normal UHP/NSH projector lamps, and therefore offers the best colour reproduction for projections.

The lamp life of the beamer is 500 hours. With an average of 1.5 hours a day, a new lamp lasts 1 year.

We offer projectors in different conditions. The Digital Projection LIGHTNING 38-WUXGA-3D seen here is marked as 'refurbished'. This means this device has been used before. Our experts have checked, maintained, and cleaned it. Consumable parts have been replaced or restored. The projector offers all the manufacturer's features and specifications.