E-VISION 6500 Laser


Digital Projection - Powerful, cost-effective single-chip laser projector

The E-Vision Laser 6500 offers impressive 6,500 lumens from a fixed laser-phosphor light source, with more than 20,000 hours lifetime. This ensures minimal maintenance and operating costs throughout the life of the lamp by eliminating the need to replace lamps. Exceptionally bright, durable light source - perfect for a wide range of professional applications.
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This E-Vision Laser 6500 is a projector with WUXGA resolution and a contrast ratio of up to 5000:1. Like all Digital Projection's other lamp-free projectors, the E-Vision Laser 6500 provides 20,000 hours of stable illumination and its compact housing makes it the ideal projector for applications where space is at a premium.

Flexible 360 degree installations possible

The projector also benefits from the ability to mount it in portrait or landscape format and at almost any angle in between. This projector produces bright, stable, color accurate images at low operating costs.

All Digital Projection's lamp-free projectors provide stunning visual entertainment with minimal maintenance throughout the life of the display.

Colorful images due to the very high contrast of 5000:1 and a pleasant brightness of this top projector. The very high contrast makes it ideal for film screenings and applications where high colour fidelity is required.

The native WUXGA resolution of 1920x1200 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:10 guarantees the sharpest display you have ever experienced. Nearly 2.3 million pixels are available, so you can enjoy movies, Blu-ray, games and TV shows in full resolution. It is the highest resolution available on the market: it couldn't be better.

The laser light source promises cost savings

The E-Vision laser is a lamp-free projector, which means significant savings on expensive maintenance and replacement cycles. The brightness provided by the laser-phosphor light source is also longer stable than it can be a lamp-based light source. A clear advantage of laser light is the longer life of the phosphor wheel light source. Up to 4x less cost per hour for the offered laser-phosphor light source than for lamp light.

Note: our projectors are usually sold without lenses, frame or case. If you are interested in lenses and other accessories, we will be happy to advise you and make a personal offer.