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    Compact short distance beamers with low weight - Perfect for your conference

    Our Dell projectors with 5000 Ansi Lumens are compact and powerful short-distance projectors that are made for trade shows or indoor projector events. They are portable, more handy than large venue projectors and make the application so versatile. Precise and brilliant projection results are also achieved in sales events, restaurants and schools.


    Dell projection solutions that attract attention

    Native Full HD resolution guarantees crisp projection and with Dell's DLP technology. Your event will be sure to impress with the contrast. The processing of different signals from PS4, Blu-ray, DVD, PC or receiver makes the application for the Dell projectors so flexible. The Lensshift function is equally important for smaller rooms or exhibition stands. Projectors are supplied without lenses, unless otherwise stated.

  • Dell 7700 FullHD – image 1
    Dell 7700 FullHD – image 2
    Dell 7700 FullHD – image 3
    Dell 7700 FullHD – image 4
    Dell 7700 FullHD – image 5
    Dell 7700 FullHD – image 6
    Dell 7700 FullHD – image 7
    Dell 7700 FullHD

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