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HDQ 4K35


The Barco HDQ 4K35 - with 3300 ANSI lumens, a titanium in its class

With 33000 ANSI lumens, the Barco HDQ 4K35 offers high brightness for your events and installations. With 33000 ANSI lumens, the Barco HDQ 4K35 is ideal for projections at large conferences, trade shows or outdoors. The Barco HDQ 4K35 is event class and is also suitable for public viewing and permanent installations. 

The contrast of the Barco HDQ 4K35 is 2000:1, a very good value. The human eye can only perceive contrasts of a maximum of 800:1. 2000:1 is therefore a very good value.

The Barco HDQ 4K35 supports the Real Full HD 3D format (Blu-ray 3D format). The Full HD 3D format is the only 3D format without quality loss.

In addition, the Barco HDQ 4K35 can edge blending and is therefore suitable for multi-screen projections. Edge Blending is used when the desired image size cannot be achieved with a beamer. Such images can be combined with several projectors by Edge Blending to an image.

The lamp life of the beamer is 500 hours. At an average of 1.5 hours a day, a new lamp lasts 1 year.