Barco Projectors


Barco projectors for large events - powerful, robust and reliable

Barco offers numerous well-known projectors. For your visualization ideas. Barco specialises in DLP projectors, displays and LED walls. Barco, headquartered in Belgium, designs and develops high-end projectors for the entertainment market. You get first-class, robust Barco appliances for big events, mapping, lecture halls, cinema or shows.

Buy used high-end projectors here

Nearly all professional Barco series, like UDX, HDX, HDF or HDQ will you find in our shop. Used Barco projectors are available at Rebeam. For any kind of event, no matter how big or extraordinary, we deliver the perfect projector. With the Barco brand you can look forward to a successful event that will inspire you with its reliability and ease of use. Fixed installations in meeting rooms or showrooms are also proven. Here you can find our current Barco Projector Offer.

New and used spare parts and accessories for Barco projectors

In addition to various 1-chip DLP and 3-chip DLP projectors, we also offer a wide range of Barco lenses. Please ask for accessories, we have a very large stock of new and used Barco spare parts as well as accessories such as lamps, mounts, lenses and modules. Projectors are supplied without lenses, unless otherwise stated.