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Barco projectors for large events - powerful, robust and reliable

Barco projectors are real high-end devices, many of them made in Belgium and Norway, so European quality! Barco currently holds the brightness record of 75,000ANSI lumens with the Barco XDL-4K75. The Barco cinema projectors are also very reliable and widely used for cinema & DCI projectors. Current models are only available as 1-Chip and 3-Chip DLP laser projectors for events, cinemas, conferences, simulation, theatre, mapping or other applications.

Our current favorite models are the Barco UDX series projectors (up to 4K & 40,000 ANSI), UDM (up to 4K & 22,000 ANSI), F90 (up to 4K & 13,000ANSI), F80 (up to 4K & 12,000ANSI) and F70 (up to 4K & 8,000ANSI). The XDL series with up to 75,000ANSI already uses 6P RGB lasers, is a bit too big for us personally and heavy even if it is the brightest devices in the world :-)

Until 2019 Barco was also very well represented in the high-end market with its lamp-based projectors. In addition to UHP, NSH and VIP lamps, Barco has built many projectors using Xenon lamp technology. The 40.000ANSI xenon projector HDQ 2K40 or 4K35 is still one of the brightest projectors ever built and currently available for very little money. The HDX, HDF, RLM and FLM series are real 3-Chip workhorses and never leave you out in the rain, they are also available from us. The 3-chip DLP HDX-4k20 series already has native 4k resolution and 20,000 lumens at only 50kg weight. The slightly larger chassis of the FLM and HDF series offers very bright 30,000ANSI. The RLM series is very compact and high quality and offers up to 14,000ANSI with only 2UHP lamps and only 30kg.

Regarding durability we can confirm that our previous record holder at rebeam was a Barco projector with 93,000 hours running time (10 years 24/7 operation). This device, a Barco XLM H25, still ran perfectly and we gave it a second life in a venue.
Even though today almost everyone pretends to be a laser beamer, of course this is not true. For 80-90% of our customers a lamp-based projector is still the cheaper choice (criterion is the annual running time of the device). With xenon projectors, the lamps were often a great financial uncertainty. Rebeam has specially trained its technicians in the use of xenon lamps and so we can offer the lamp refurbishment / replacement of the xenon bulb in the lamp module not only at a reasonable price, but also directly on our premises in Berlin.

We also have a large selection of Barco lenses for all current and old series of Barco projector accessories. Especially to mention are TLD, XLD, RLD, CLD, EN-lenses series.

Barco has not only made a name for itself as a projector manufacturer, but also with Click-Share your interpretation of wireless transmission from PC, MAC, tablet or phone to any playback device, Barco currently achieves very great success in the market.

Image processing is also a great strength of Barco, so there is hardly a professional event in the world, let alone an LED wall without an E2 or S3 image processor. These devices are indestructible and ensure a smooth running of every event.

Today Rebeam is "Barco Gold Dealer" for projectors and image processing. We are even the only company in Germany that has the "Barco Distributor" status for all official Barco demo devices (so far Barco called these "Barco nearly new" or "Barco Outlet" so we can offer not only new products but also used, refurbished and demo devices. As usual with rebeam and Barco of course with at least 1 year worldwide warranty. Unfortunately we are not allowed to publish prices for new devices, these are only available on request, but our prices are unbeatably attractive. We look forward to hearing from you about our portfolio of Barco projectors and image processing.

Projectiondesign, was a Norwegian projector company until 2012 which mainly built beautiful projectors for simulation and conference rooms. Especially famous and successful series were the F30 series which Barco continued until 2019 as the F35 series. These beamers are characterized by a very high reliability and color fidelity. In the current Barco product lineup, the F70/F80/F90 projectors will continue to be designed and built in Norway and bear the unmistakable design signature of projectiondesign.

Fun Fact: Barco means "Belgian American Radio Cooperation" was founded in 1934 and first built radios and later televisions:-) The first CRT tube beamer was also built by Barco in 1980, directly for an airline for in-flight entertainment, which is still popular today. =)