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1.1 What do the lamp hours mean?

In our shop, the lamp hours specified are always those which have also actually been consumed. At the same time, we always provide the lamp service life expected by the manufacturers as well. Many projectors we receive have defective lamps, these are replaced with a lamp from another faulty device. As the lamp timer displays an incorrect service life in such cases, we reset the timer and list the true lamp service life in our products on offer.

1.2 How long have the projectors already been running?

Except for several professional models, most projectors do not provide a reading of the complete projector hours. Our used projectors have various service lives, which however we are also only able to estimate. Each projector is completely refurbished and cleaned by our technicians, any faulty parts are replaced, and the projector is reset to the original factory settings. Before the projectors leave our premises, they are checked twice by our quality assurance department and have to fulfil our stringent requirement for quality and reliability. All of our projectors have a 30-days warranty, which can also be extended to 24 months if required (chargeable).

1.3 Where do the projectors that rebeam sells come from?

rebeam buys projectors worldwide from private persons and commercial suppliers. Thanks to the partnerships we have established with numerous manufacturers, we also purchase projectors directly from the producers. Many of the projectors are demonstration models, or replacement projectors and those under guarantee.

1.4 Can the projectors from rebeam also be considered for companies and educational facilities?

For larger businesses especially, as indeed for educational institutes, achieving a reduction in their CO2 emissions is increasingly important. Equipping your company with projectors from rebeam is a clever decision, and that not only in terms of the sustainability aspects or environmental protection.

Thanks to our affordable complete packages, major savings can be achieved and more areas or rooms in your company fitted out with projectors. We always have suitable models available in large quantities. For major clients with special demands or requiring specific advice, we provide a personal customer advisor to support them in all their needs. Here can you find our customer and sales advisors.

1.5 Why is rebeam able to offer the projectors at such affordable prices?

rebeam is one of the largest buyers of used projectors worldwide. Thanks to the good relations we have with numerous manufacturers and our strategic bulk purchases, we have reduced the steps in the trading chain to a minimum. And this situation permits us to offer highly competitive prices matched by a first-class service.

2.1 Do I need a remote control for my projector and where can I get one?

If a remote control is not listed in a specific offer, then it does not include one. The projectors are simple to operate using the control panels on the device. A remote control is important when it is intended to mount the projector on a ceiling. With many used projectors, the remote control already gets lost during its first lifecycle. And it is not always easy and financially worthwhile for us to provide compatible remote controls in such cases. Our business partner GenuineCopies has specialised in the production of replacement remote controls for a number of years. Please ask us and we will be happy to order a compatible remote control for you usually in the €20 price range.

3.1 Is rebeam able to guarantee the quality of the used projectors?

rebeam can look back on 10 years of experience in the projector refurbishment business.

We give a minimum 30-days warranty on all of the projectors we sell to companys. No items leave our premises without undergoing the double check by our quality assurance team. Our technicians are experts in the fields of large projector technology. Furthermore, we can provide all projectors with a warranty extending up to 24 months for an additional charge.

4.1 Which payment methods are accepted?

The following payment options are accepted by the rebeam shop:

  • Payment in advance/bank transfer
  • PayPal + 7% charge outside Germany
  • Credit card
  • Innvoice after verification
  • Cash payment and Debit card when collecting the goods
  • Cash on dellivery is only available for Germany

4.2 Do you accept payment by credit card?

Payment by credit card is of course acceptable. Our partner PayPal guides you through the payment process.

4.3 We are a company in another EU Member State – can you issue us an invoice without German sales tax/VAT?

Of course companies and businesses in other EU Member States with a valid value added tax identification number can order products without being liable for German sales (VAT) tax. In this respect, it is essential that both the delivery address and the invoice address are in the same country. The verification of your value added tax identification number occurs automatically. On orders from non-EU countries, German sales (VAT) tax at an amount of 19% is fundamentally not charged or detailed on the invoice for all customers. However please comply with the respective import regulations in your country. The usual import sales tax together with any customs charges that arise in your country are payable. When you collect an item directly from us, this is only possible with German sales (VAT) tax detailed and included on the invoice. However on submission of a goods export declaration confirmed by the customs, we subsequently reimburse the sales (VAT) tax.

5.1 Which shipment options are available?

  • UPS Standard
  • UPS Express
  • Shipping
  • Messenger

5.2 Is the shipping by rebeam free of charge?

We offer free shipment in Germany up to 30KG. If you order from other countries, we have to charge you the shipping costs.

5.3 Is there an express shipment service or Saturday deliveries?

Should you need a delivery faster than normal, of course we are happy to oblige you with our flexible in-house logistics. For an additional charge, we can arrange an express or Saturday delivery for you. In such cases, please contact us by telephone in order to ensure smooth processing.

5.4 What are the delivery times at rebeam?

When an order and the complete payment is received before 13.00, your order is sent for shipping on the same day. As soon as an order has left our logistics, delivery within Germany occurs in 1 to 2 days as a rule. Within other European or worldwide countries shipping times vary.

5.5 What happens if I am not at home when the package delivery service comes?

With business addresses, three delivery attempts occur.

5.6 Is there a shipment tracking option available?

As soon as your goods have been collected by UPS from our stockroom, you receive an email with the tracking number for your package. 

5.7 Where do you ship the projectors to?

Orders for delivery from our online shop to most European countries is part of our standard delivery service. We are also happy to calculate the shipment costs for you to countries not included here. In this case, please contact us. We're able to ship worldwide and we're an expert in payment of duty.

5.8 Which delivery service carries out your deliveries?

Our logistics partner UPS is fundamentally tasked with our deliveries. We only utilise other partners for shipments in exceptional cases. For larger projectors we use forwarding agencies. 

5.9 What happens in the event of damage during shipment?

In the rare case of damage during shipment, of course no loss or detriment occurs to you. The shipping company is liable for all and every damage that occurs during the transport. Should you notice obvious damage while receiving the delivery, please inform the deliverer about this immediately. We would also request you to contact us without delay in order that any claims settlement for the damages is processed optimally. Please keep in mind that notification of all damages must occur at the latest within 24 hours after receipt of the goods, as the transport insurance does not provide any liability cover after this time period.

5.10 Do you ship to a delivery address that differs from the invoice address?

We are more than happy to have your goods conveniently shipped to an address that differs from the invoice address. The option to give an alternative delivery address is provided for you during the ordering process.

5.11 Can I set a specific time slot for the delivery?

With the express delivery service, there is an option to set a predefined delivery time slot. However the deliverer does charge an additional fee for this service. We are happy to check the individual options available for you in this case. As a rule, the deliveries occur from Monday to Friday.

6.1 Which payment methods are accepted when the customer collects the goods??

Already during the prior online ordering process, you select one of our standard payment methods. After the order has been placed, you are informed about when the goods are ready for collection at our premises. Here you can pay us directly in cash, or with an Debit card or credit card.

6.2 What are the opening times for collecting goods?

You can collect your goods between 12 am and 6 pm from Monday to Thursday. Friday up to 4pm. Please let us know by telephone shortly before you intend to arrive, so that we can prepare your package and have it ready for you. Our office is closed on the weekend and on public holidays.

6.3 Where do I go to collect the products?

Our company is located at Skalitzer Straße 100, 10097 Berlin, Germany. The contact details are available here.

6.4 Can I have a demonstration of the products?

Of course we are happy to convince you about the quality of our advisory services and our product how-how right here at our premises. In order that our product advisors have sufficient time for your requirements, we recommend on making an appointment with us in advance. As experts in the field of large venue projectors technologies, we are also more than happy to provide detailed advice to you by telephone or email.

7.1 Do I have a right of cancellation?

In case you are not satisfied with a product, you have a 30-day takeover guarantee. Please contact us, in such a case. We then examine your return request on an individual basis and decide whether the return is accepted by us as a gesture of goodwill.


7.2 How long does the processing of my return take?

This depends on the kind of return. Different processing times occur here, for which reason it is not possible to provide a general answer. The handling of your return is of course managed by a personal contact partner, which ensures the fastest possible processing time. On request, we give details of the return status to you during the complete process and provide information about the probable time required for your complaint. Should it becomes necessary to involve the manufacturer in the repairs, we can ensure the fastest possible processing here thanks to the close partnerships we have with them. However we would kindly ask you to understand that in exceptional circumstances delays can occur (e.g. when procuring replacement parts and so on).

7.3. What should I do about defects that arise during the warranty period?

Should it ever occur that one of the projectors bought from us breaks down or becomes defective, we will take care of it as quickly as possible.

Please fill out the repair form and send the defective projector, very well packed and without the accessories, to us at:

Rebeam GmbH


Skalitzer Str. 100

10997 Berlin


We then examine your case and at short notice carry out the repairs. Should we have any questions, we will contact you.

8.1 When the customer uses the seller’s online order form for his order, he submits his offer to buy as follows:

  1. The first step is for the customer to click the "SHOPPING BASKET" button on the seller’s homepage with his range of goods for sale.
  2. A pop-up window then opens, permitting the customer to directly access the shopping basket. Alternatively, the customer can access the shopping basket at any time on the top right and have its contents displayed.
  3. Now the customer clicks the "CHECKOUT" button, or does so after he has placed more items in his shopping basket.
  4. On the "CHECKOUT" page, the customer can add individual details to his order, such as check marks, tips or special requests.
  5. By clicking the "NEXT" button, the customer reaches a new page. The customer now enters his invoice and delivery address(es) here.
  6. By clicking the "NEXT" button, a new page opens with the range of payment and shipment options. The customer selects his preferred payment and shipment method by clicking the appropriate options here.
  7. Once the customer has decided on one of the payment methods and shipment options, by clicking on the "NEXT" button he then opens a new page with an overview summarising the details of his order once more. Any of the order details can be corrected here as required.
  8. By clicking in the box with "I HAVE READ THE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS WELL AS THE DATA POTECTION POLICY AND HEREBY AGREE TO SAME", the customer indicates his agreement.
  9. In the final step, the customer clicks the "BUY NOW" button.
  10. With his order, the customer bindingly declares the ordering of his good(s).

8.2 Order process confirmation

The customer is informed immediately by email about the receipt of his order. The order confirmation occurs automatically and does not yet constitute an acceptance of the order. The purchase contract becomes valid in that rebeam accepts the offer to enter into the contract forming the basis for the order. The order acceptance occurs through the shipment and delivery of the product to the recipient.

8.3 Contract wording

The wording of the contract together with the order are stored by rebeam and are sent to the customer on request.

8.4 Contractual language

The conclusion of the contract occurs in the German language.

8.5 General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions of rebeam – your WORLDWIDE NO. 1 LEADING USED AV SUPPLIER– can be viewed here.