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    Plasma Display - a wide field of view, colour variety and high contrast

    PLASMA displays are famous for their beautiful and natural colours and have been produced in sizes up to 180 ".
    Unfortunately, this technology has not yet established itself against LCD or LED displays, plasmas often have a higher weight and power consumption than the many common technologies.
    Nevertheless, plasma displays are a very good alternative for fixed installations.

    The advantage of plasma displays is the possible 24/7 runtime and the case is included. We are happy to offer you a used display at a reasonable price.

  • Panasonic TH-152 UX1 Display – image 1
    Panasonic TH-152 UX1 Display – image 2
    Panasonic TH-152 UX1 Display – image 3
    Panasonic TH-152 UX1 Display

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