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Colossal brightness advantages with the Christie Roadie 4K45 and its 43000 ANSI Lumen

You can't expect more potential from a projector!

With 43000 ANSI lumens, the Christie Roadie 4K45 offers unbeatable brightness for all kinds of events and installations. With 43000 ANSI lumens, the Christie Roadie 4K45 is ideal for projection at large conferences, trade shows or outdoors. Ideal for all large video mapping shows. The device is a highlight for all event equipment rental companies - It is the brightest lamp-lit projector in the industry

The contrast of the Christie Roadie 4K45 comes in at a very high 2000:1. The human eye can only recognize contrast ratios of 800:1 maximum. 2000:1 is thus great value, which will give you great dynamic images and colours. 

It brings buildings and monuments to life with projection mapped content. The projector works on Texas Instruments' DLP technology. The light is reflected by thousands of micro-mirrors (one mirror for each pixel). DLP technology stands for high contrast ratios and great luminosity, as well as a compact and light design.

Incomparable for public viewing and permanent use

Warping and edge blending features built into this powerful projector make everything possible - on any surface imaginable. The projector has an optical lens shift . This is a feature of a top quality projector, which allows you to shift the image of your projection without distortions, and without moving the projector.

The projector, as most high - end of projectors, is offered without a lens . We can provide any interchangeable lens for this model . Just contact us, stating your requirements. We can provide any interchangeable lens for this model . Just contact us, stating your requirements.

The projector uses interchangeable lenses, giving you extreme flexibility to equip the projector with different optional lenses. It makes no difference whether you have to project at 2 meters or 50 meters distance, there is always a suitable lens for your requirements. Please ask us directly, stating your requirements. We stock all interchangeable lenses.

The lamp lifetime is 3500 hours. The current lamp running time is 0 hours. At an average of 1.5h daily operation , a new lamp will run 7 years.

The industry’s brightest lamp-illuminated projector in the rebeam shop

We offer projectors in different conditions. The Christie Roadie 4K45 on sale is in a 'NEW' condition. That means, it is an unused product with a new lamp. The projector may be packed neutrally, as we receive devices directly from the manufacturers in large quantities.

Note: our projectors are usually sold without lenses, frame or case. If you are interested in lenses and other accessories, we will be happy to advise you and make a personal offer.


Name Christie Roadie 4K45
Brightness 43000 ANSI Lumen
Contrast 2000:1
Resolution 4096x2160
Aspect Ratio 256:135
Output Signals Pal, SECAM, NTSC, HDTV 720p, 1080i, 1080p EDTV 480p, 576p
Technology 3 x 1,38 DLP Chip
Throw Ratio Lens Optional
Lamp Life 3500 hours
Weight 131.00 kg
Speaker Nein
Inputs 2 x Ddual 3G HD-SDI input card , 2 x Twin display port input Card , RS232C , RJ45 in
Special Characteristics HD-Ready, lens shift, no lens, interchangeable Lenses
Dimensions 129.8cm x 58.7cm x 65.2cm
Condition Neu

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