Christie ​Boxer 4K30

ANSI Lumen
4096 x 2160
3-Chip DLP 1,38"
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Through 29000 ANSI lumens and 4K images for all exorbitant shows

With 29000 ANSI lumens, the Christie Boxer 4K30 offers high brightness for monumental events and installations. With 29000 ANSI lumens, the Christie Boxer 4K30 is ideal for projections at large conferences, trade shows or outdoors. The Christie Boxer 4K30 belongs to the event class and is also suitable for public viewing and permanent installations.

The Christie Boxer 4K30 is a profit-oriented professional projector that helps you to generate new user experiences over and over again. With innovative projector control capabilities, Christie Boxer provides a competitive edge to help you deliver the best show possible. 

Significant 4K resolution

With a contrast ratio of 2000:1the colour depth is extremely saturated. Projections in dark rooms will be great fun. The projector is gifted for permanent installations due to its consistent long-term reliability. Precise details and lifelike images with this device manages to attract attention and captivate the audience.

The projector works on Texas Instruments' DLP technology. The light is reflected by thousands of micro-mirrors (one mirror for each pixel). DLP technology stands for high contrast ratios and great luminosity, as well as a compact and light design.

The projector has an optical lens shift . This is a feature of a top quality projector, which allows you to shift the image of your projection without distortions, and without moving the projector.

The Beamer, as most high - end of projectors, is offered without a lens . We can provide any interchangeable lens for this model . Just contact us, stating your requirements . 

The projector uses interchangeable lenses, giving you extreme flexibility to equip the projector with different optional lenses. It makes no difference whether you have to project at 2 meters or 50 meters distance, there is always a suitable lens for your requirements. Please ask us directly, stating your requirements. We stock all interchangeable lenses.

Reduced operating costs

The Boxer 4K30 lowers operating costs, increases return on investment and secures the future of your equipment fleet with the smallest, smartest and most efficient 30K projector available. The lamp lifetime is 1500 hours. This is a very high value, which will guarantee years of vivid projections, and vey low follow-up costs for you. The current lamp running time is 0 hours. At an average of 1.5h daily operation, a new lamp will run 3 years.

It’s the brightest, lightest and smartest 30,000 lumen projector at 150 lbs. Delivering unrivaled brightness for its size and weight, the Christie® Boxer 4K30 is a powerhouse projector designed for high-impact rental staging and large venue events.

We offer projectors in different conditions. The projector here is in 'used' condition. This means, this device has been used before. Our experts have checked it, either cleaned it, or fitted a new lamp and confirmed its technical components are in 'as good as new' condition. There may be superficial signs of usage on the projector but that does not have any impact on its good technical condition. You are getting a technically first class projector at a great price discount.

• It’s the brightest, lightest and smartest 30,000 lumen projector at 150 lbs 

• Smaller, lighter projector reduces shipping and handling costs

• Single phase power reduces set-up cost and complexity

• Ships with lamps installed requiring no lamp alignment

• At-a-glance source and status updates on lamp hours, voltage, temperature, warnings or errors, from the projector, your smartphone or web browser

• Integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) lets you track lamp information at the projector or while it’s on the shelf

• Read lamp serial numbers and lamp hours on your smartphone with the Christie Connect app

• full range of input connections: 3G-SDI, DisplayPort, HDBaseT™, DVI and HDMI inputs

• Christie TruLife™ processing ensures stunning color reproduction

• Expert image manipulation with built-in warp and blend functionality

• Convenience lighting for easy access and peace of mind in dark environments

• 360°omnidirectional operation gives you the freedom to position Christie Boxer on any axis

• More than double the life of Xenon lamps means less consumables and big savings

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