Barco Matrix PRO II RGB 12x8

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Barco media server - excellent for routing analog RGBHV video signals

Features of the video router

All inputs are universal and can accept computer (up to 1600x1200), composite, s-video, component video, HDTV and RGBHV. Each model provides for switching of RGBHV signals and two channel stereo audio (balanced and unbalanced). Each input and output is individually isolated and buffered. These input(s) can be switched to any one or all outputs with no crosstalk or signal noise between channels.

Units are rack-mountable, and each unit includes RS-232/485 capability. The 12x8 model comes standard with the easy to operate front panel control, which allows for simple input and output selection directly from the front panel. All units can be connected to a optional Remote Control Interface that allows for remote input and output selection. An Ethernet port for IP Control is featured on all units.

The MatrixPRO series also features I/O grouping. This grouping allows the matrix to be divided into smaller sub-switchers, making installation and control easier. I/O grouping allows specific outputs to be grouped together-such as those designated for a specific video format. Each unit features Vertical Interval Switching capability to provide glitch-free switching when used with synchronous video sources. RGB delay is used when video is not synchronously locked.

MP Software

Included with each unit is a copy of Folsom's MP Control Software. A Windows®-based control program that allows you to configure and control the matrices for various applications.


Features of the Barco Matrix PRO Mediaserver

  • Universal inputs accept computer up to 1600x1200, composite, s-video, component video, HDTV, RGBHV and stereo audio
  • 350MHz (-3dB), minimum, ultra-wideband, fully loaded (One input driving all outputs)
  • Volume control on a per input basis
  • Mute on a per output basis
  • Three switching modes: direct front panel mode for one-touch operation (12x8 only), MatrixPRO a Windows®-based software, or an optional remote control interface for simple operation
  • IP (Ethernet) control standard
  • Front panel lockout mode (12x8 only)
  • Memory presets save individual I/O configurations for recall via the front panel (12x8 only) or RS-232/485
  • I/O grouping allows specific outputs to be grouped together making installation and control easier
  • Vertical interval switching capability provides glitch-free switches when used with synchronous video source. RGB delay is used when video is not synchronously locked
  • MP software, a Windows®-based control program for simple setup and control, is supplied with each unit
  • An additional RS-485 connector is supplied to allow for daisy chaining multiple matrix switchers or other Folsom devices
  • Large LCD display allows for easy navigation and to provide visual verification of important information about matrix switcher settings.
  • Fully field programmable to support upgrades
  • Backed by a full 3-year parts and labor warranty