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Screens for perfectly visible projections

If you are not making a projection mapping, you cannot avoid a professional screen. These are not only available from different manufacturers, but also in different sizes, colours and equipment.
ReBeam GmbH relies on the professional screens from Airscreen* and AV Stumpfl*, which are characterized by their durability and flexibility. Whether for classical presentations, theatre stages or mobile use - we have the right offer for you! Should you not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. In connection with our partner network we also have the possibility to deliver individually made screens.

The company Airscreen, based in the German town of Münster, has been building inflatable screens up to a size of 16 metres picture width for several years. Due to the air-filled frame it is possible to transport the screen compactly and set it up in a few minutes. Especially popular is the use of this screen at outdoor events and drive-in cinemas, which depend on the ability to assemble and disassemble the technology as quickly as possible. Airscreen screens are also weather-resistant and are manufactured in Germany under strict quality controls.

The Austrian company AV Stumpfl has been developing lecture technology with professional standards for over 40 years. Thus not only media servers and software belong to their portfolio but also screens. The screens from AV Stumpfl are particularly popular in the European region because they are particularly durable and easy to transport. The screens also have a very good reputation among AV rental companies, as they are always stable and reliable, even when set up and dismantled several times. By the large portfolio which the company AV Stumpfl illustrates we have access to all formats, image sizes and equipment of motorized, manual, transportable, backpro or permanently installed. Curved screens or special designs are also possible.

Manual screens are the price-performance winners in our portfolio. They are easy to install, can either be permanently installed or flexibly set up with the help of a tripod. Manual is the unrolling of the screen.

Motorized screens are in most cases permanently installed and can be shut down by remote control or a trigger. It is also possible to install these screens hidden in a ceiling so that they are not visible when the screen is retracted.

Rear projection screens are often used on stages or for public viewing when it is important to have no shadows cast on the screen. The projector is placed behind the screen and the image is projected through the screen.

Transportable screens are, as the name suggests, designed for transport. At the same time, they are manufactured in such a way that they can be assembled and disassembled quickly. Usually the frames of the canvases consist of light materials such as aluminium in which the canvas is then clamped. Here there are eyelet systems as well as the implementation by Velcro tape or click system.

When selecting the screen, we recommend paying particular attention to the format (16:9 / 16:10 / 4:3). This should preferably match the native format of your projector in order to achieve an optimal result. The so-called gain factor also plays a role in the quality of the screen. It describes the reflection properties of the screen. Simplified one can say that a gain factor higher than 1 means that the light is amplified for viewers sitting directly in front of the screen, while it is reduced for viewers sitting at the side. Thus, a high gain factor does not always have to be the right choice, e.g. when the viewing angle of the viewer is very large.

If, despite the many products on our website, you still haven't found the right screen, please do not hesitate to contact us.