Projector Screens


Screens for perfectly visible projections

Screens are very flexible in mobility as well as in dimensions and mechanics. We offer different dimensions depending on the projection format. Here you will find the right projector screen for foyers, theatres or meeting rooms.  Even in modern church rooms the projection screens for multimedia presentations are used more and more.

We carry motorised screens, tripod screens and manual screens. The image formats are either 4:3 or 16:9. Motorised screen are mounted to the ceiling and are usually operated by remote control. They can also be used to some extent for automated home cinemas. Tripod screens have a tripod on which they can be set up in a stable, flexible manner. Manual screens are also mounted on the ceiling, but have to be pulled down by hand and then click into place. They work in the same way as a roller blind. Our screens are generally handy in size and weight and suitable for professional large projections.