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Mirror Head


 The Mirror-Head from Dynamic Projection Institute

Whether for galleries, shops or museums - the Mirror-Head from Dynamic Projection Institute raises your projection to the next level. With its 180°/90° movable mirror, the Mirror-Head allows you to move the projected image freely in space and thus make your projection even more dynamic.

You don't have enough space to set up your projection correctly? Then you can use the Mirror-Head to realize even difficult projections. You place the beamer in any position and steer the image via the mirror to the desired position.

You want to map a moving object, but you have a fixed position for the projector. The mirror head from the Dynamic Projection Institute will also help you here. Thanks to its easy-to-program control program, you can illuminate moving objects without moving the projector.

You want to integrate the projected image into your control desk? No problem! Thanks to its DMX compatibility and Art-Net(TM) control, the Mirror-Head is perfectly equipped for stage use in theatres.

The MDC-X Media Server is the perfect complement to your Mirror-Head. With it, pictures and videos can be put together and a professional animation can be sent to the mirror with just a few clicks. The basic functions include media manipulation, geometric corrections, morphing and soft edge transitions. Time automation and control via a web module are also possible.

The mirror head turns your entire room into a dynamic projection surface. So there are no more limits to your imagination and you can let flying unicorns float through the room or let ghost footprints walk on the floor. Be creative!

The construction and setup of the system is very simple. It is compatible with almost all event projectors and works with standard lenses. After the setup and the first installation nothing stands in the way of a creative projection.

The company Dynamic Projection Institut GmbH based in Austria plans and develops the mirror heads and their peripherals. All parts are manufactured in Austria and undergo in-house quality controls. Individual productions are also possible, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All products are also available as used / demo goods. Please do not hesitate to contact us.