About rebeam


Buying, selling and service of used large-venue projectors and AV-technology

rebeam is your expert for high-performance and large-venue projectors for events, theaters, conferences, shows and fairs. Our portfolio consists of more than 500 used projectors from all major brands like Panasonic, Barco, Christie, Sony, Epson and Digital Projection. We also stock more than 800 lenses, flying frames, cases, lamps, accessories and spare parts in new and used condition and always with warranty.

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since 2009 rebeam is your shop and the specialist for buying, selling and quality controlled maintenance, repair and refurbishment of large venue projectors. We serve our customers from the rental, event, theater, cinema and theme-park industry with industry leading quality standards and very competitive pricing. What ever you plan to realize with projection we can assist and support with our experience and expertise.rebeam fair booth


Support for individual projection solutions

3-D Mapping, Video Mapping, Hologram and Water Projections as well as all the „normal“ jobs on fairs and events, have been equipped by us before. In Germany we have very high quality and maintenance standards and a very short life-cycle for technology. Many machines get already replaced while they´re still the current top model and covered by manufacturers warranty. All this is for your benefit!


International trade with projectors

Our customer base already extends to more than 60 countries worldwide. More than thousand companies trust in our used and refurbished high-performance projectors for their events and locations. Our range of projectors covers projectors for stages, fairs, conferences, artists, mappings, visuals, cinema, sports, short and long projection distances as well as indoor and outdoor projections.


Projector specialists and experts in the entire AV technology

We like to call ourselves projection enthusiasts and professionals. Our biggest goal is to offer you the widest range of high-performance projectors in the used hand market worldwide. Germany is the perfect country of operation because almost every big international video projection job is done with German expertise and technology. 

projector enthusiastsOur commitment is also driven by our sense of sustainability. Reducing CO² emissions and electrical waste in this world is one of the greatest challenges we are currently facing. By giving used Event-Technology a 2nd life-cycle we help to conserve resources while you save money. Our sustainability commitment has been also recognized by the German government and we´re proud to be among the top 3 most sustainable small business in Germany 2015/2016.


Refurbishment, Repair and Maintenance

Besides the buying and selling of projectors we offer manufacturer independent repair, cleaning and service for your projectors. Our technicians have in total more than 20 years experience in projector repairs. We also offer repair for machines that have been discontinued for years. With our large stock of spare parts we almost always find a solution for your problem. In the unlikely case of an impossible or uneconomical repair we find the matching or identical replacement device for you.

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Quality Assurance and industry leading quality standards

Our test protocols have been developed together with manufactures and the leading AV-rental companies. Our tests include light output, uniformity, convergence, dead pixels, input-tests, check long-term/Burn-in tests, testing, cleaning of air filters, reset to factory defaults and optical controls.
All gear that we receive is being assessed and checked in our QA department. In our workshop the projectors get serviced or repaired and thoroughly cleaned. Finally our QA department does full testing and assessment again to assure the highest reliability for you. Due to this extensive testing and quality assurance we always offer all our high performance projectors in top condition with a rebeam warranty that can be extended for your peace of mind.


Replacement Machines

While we service your machines you can get a replacement machine, we can also offer an express repair service (less than 3 days).


Service Contracts

If you rely on always perfectly working projectors we can offer you tailor made maintenance solutions that make sure that your machines never let you down.


Xenon Relamping Service

We offer almost all Xenon lamps, burners, reflectors, rilters and housings on the market. We´re proud to be the first company in Europe that can offer the whole range of Xenon Relamping for any brand or application. Rebeam exclusively uses burners from Japan and can therefor offer you best prices and quality in Europe.
For our Xenon Relamping we use burners from Yumex, as in our opinion they give the best performance and lowest flicker. If you wish we also use burners from Osram, Ushio and Ceramax.

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Sustainability is not just a word for us it is our philosophy. We live sustainability, we ship with „UPS Carbon neutral“, for big shipments we use freight companies that also work as carbon neutral as possible. Our office and warehouse uses 100% power from regenerative sources, our packaging material is reused or biodegradable. All prints and invoices are made on recycling paper. Our IT- and office equipment is from used or refurbished sources. Business trips are preferably done carbon neutral with trains.