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Hello, I am the projectiondesign Action! model three 1080. With my 2500 ANSI Lumen I offer great projection for your home cinema and for presentations for up to 100 persons. 2500 ANSI Lumen are well-suited for projections in rooms with little daylight (ideally dimmed), or during the dusky time of day. If you want to use me in a bright environment you should calculate around 1000 ANSI per m² of projected image, or take a look at my 'siblings' here with more ANSI Lumen.

With a contrast ratio of 7500:1 you will experience high class images. A high contrast is important for the blackness. At this ratio black is truly black.

The native Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels at an aspect ratio of 16:9 guarantees the crispest and most detailed images available on the market today. Ideally used to play blu-rays or other high definition content and games.

The projector works on Texas Instruments' DLP technology. The light is reflected by thousands of micro-mirrors (one mirror for each pixel). DLP technology stands for high contrast ratios and great luminosity, as well as a compact and light design.

The projector has an optical lens shift . This is a feature of a top quality projector, which allows you to shift the image of your projection without distortions, and without moving the projector.

The < Beamername>, as most high - end of projectors, is offered without a lens . We can provide any interchangeable lens for this model . Just contact us, stating your requirements . The < Beamername>, as most high - end of projectors, is offered without a lens . We can provide any interchangeable lens for this model . Just contact us, stating your requirements.

Through the LAN RJ45 network connection the projector can be integrated directly into your network. This allows you to operate and maintain the device remotely. Some models will even send a email to you when errors occur (e.g.broken lamp).

The projectiondesign Action! model three 1080 has an ECO mode, which prolongs the lifespan of the lamp by reducing brightness, operating noise and power consumption of the projector.

The projector uses interchangeable lenses, giving you extreme flexibility to equip the projector with different optional lenses. It makes no difference whether you have to project at 2 meters or 50 meters distance, there is always a suitable lens for your requirements. Please ask us directly, stating your requirements. We stock all interchangeable lenses.

The lamp lifetime is 8000 hours. The current lamp running time is 0 hours. At an average of 1.5h daily operation , a new lamp will run 15 years.

We offer projectors in different conditions. The projectiondesign Action! model three 1080 shown here is in 'used' condition. This means, this device has been used before. Our experts have checked it, either cleaned it, or fitted a new lamp and confirmed its technical components are in 'as good as new' condition. There may be superficial signs of usage on the projector but that does not have any impact on its good technical condition. You are getting a technically first class projector at a great price discount.

Name projectiondesign Action! model three 1080
Brightness 2500 ANSI Lumen
Contrast 7500:1
Resolution 1920x1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Output Signals PAL, SECAM, NTSC, HDTV 720p, 1080i, 1080p EDTV 480p, 576p
Technology 1 x 0,95 DC3 DLP Chip
Throw Ratio ohne Objektiv
Lamp Life 2000/8000 hours
Lamp Output 250 W
Audible Noise 30dB eco mode
Weight 9.00 kg
Inputs DVI , VGA , YUV , S-Video , Cinch Video , RS232C , RJ45
Special Characteristics lens shift, no lens, HDMI/DVI with HDCP, LAN/RJ45, Eco-Mode, interchangeable Lenses
Dimensions 43.69cm x 9.91cm x 34.8cm
Condition Gebraucht

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